Swollen legs during menstruation

A woman of childbearing age, who has aa regular menstrual cycle, with time, can celebrate bloating before the menstrual period. Such abdominal distention with menstruation not only does not look aesthetically pleasing, but it is also a possible source of pain in the run-up to menstruation. In this case, the question arises whether the abdomen increases before the menstrual period.

Why is the stomach up before the menstrual period?

  1. Before the monthly increase of the stomach as a resultdevelopment of the body an increased level of progesterone, which is designed to relax the smooth muscles: the uterus in a woman becomes swollen, soft, prepared for embryo adoption with a possible conception.
  2. Also, under the influence of hormones in women, likeIn general, before the menstrual fluid is retained in the body: they can increase in the limb, internal swelling can be noted, including an increase in the stomach during menstruation. Then the woman feels, as at it the stomach is inflated. It is believed that during menstruation, a woman's water is excreted worse from the body, but at the end of her period the stomach takes its usual dimensions.
  3. It happens that a woman has her stomach inflated, andthere are no monthly. This can be one of the signs of having a pregnancy. In the case of a positive pregnancy test, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible, as this may indicate the presence of the uterine tone, which can lead to a miscarriage.
  4. However, if the pregnancy test is negative and the abdomen is inflated and pain is noted, then this is a warning signal and requires consultation of a gynecologist.
  5. If the belly is inflated in the middle of the menstrual periodcycle and there is pain, it can be the so-called ovulatory pain that appears in a woman as a result of rupture of the follicle. Such a bloating and pain syndrome is not a pathology and does not require intervention from the medical staff. However, in order to exclude possible pathological conditions of the uterus and pelvic organs, it is necessary to perform an ultrasound examination other than visiting the doctor.
  6. With uterine myoma, a woman can also feelbloating, pain, lack of menstruation, swelling of the whole body. In this case, medical assistance is also necessary to exclude the development of tumor diseases.

Bloating before menstruation is a sign of the woman's premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

In addition to the physiological changes that occur in the body of a woman during the onset of menstruation, she can also experience psychological discomfort:

  • feeling unattractive as a result of an enlarged lower abdomen;
  • often a bad mood, caused by the influence of hormones during the onset of menstruation;
  • general weakness, weakness.

What if the woman has a belly before her period?

Initially, it is necessary to determine the cause that causedbloating on the eve of menstruation. If this is a physiological feature of the body, a sign of PMS, then you just need to adjust the diet of a woman two weeks before menstruation: reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed, excessively salty foods and increase the amount of protein foods. Also should be excluded from the diet of legumes, cabbage, excessively high-calorie food (flour and sweet).

To get rid of edema and as a consequence, reduce bloating before the menstrual period, you can use folk remedies: to make diuretics from cranberries, cranberries.

Many women have a belly inflated before menstruation. But what exactly is this - the peculiarity of the organism or the pathological condition of a woman - can only be told by a gynecologist after the examination and obtaining data on the results of ultrasound diagnostics.