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The fact that during the period of bearing a child canswollen legs, hands, face, many new-born pregnant women know. And it seems to be normal, because this happens often. But why then do doctors so diligently follow the analyzes and certainly pay attention to whether their ward is edematous? Is it possible that "pregnant" swelling can be dangerous?

Puffiness is called a condition where in tissuesextra fluid is collected. We notice this in the form of a swelling, which is primarily manifested on the face and legs, but also during the pregnancy can swell hands, stomach, lower back.

In fact, swelling during pregnancy -the phenomenon is frequent and has its own explanations. First, the body's needs for fluids are constantly increasing, so the further, the more a woman wants to drink. A significant part of the weight gained during pregnancy is just the liquid. Secondly, the body accumulates sodium - in the vessels and in all tissues, except for the bone. And sodium, as is known, attracts to itself and, thus, detains water in the body. So there are swelling.

Swelling of the nose during pregnancy

First of all, fluid retention in tissuesmanifested on the face of a woman: it is rounded, eyelids become swollen and visually the eyes become narrower and smaller. Often, with swelling on the face, kidney edema begins requiring treatment, about which a little lower.

Among other things, the nose is swelling. But it is not ruled out that such a symptom has a different nature. Problems with nasal breathing - a phenomenon quite common among women in the situation. Often we are talking about the "runny nose" of pregnant women, which is caused by hormonal changes. With this nasal mucous swelling, breathing with the nose becomes difficult, there is itching and dryness in the nose - a woman experiences severe discomfort.

Rhinitis of pregnant women can occur at different times(for example, only in the evening and at night or throughout the day), at different times, and in some cases accompany the entire pregnancy. But after birth, this unpleasant companion will disappear. Now the main thing is to find an effective safe remedy for the common cold and nasal congestion. By itself, the runny nose of pregnant women is not dangerous, but can lead to an insufficient intake of oxygen to the fetus, which is highly undesirable.

Edema of the nose during pregnancy may well bean allergic manifestation. Analyze all your recent actions and evaluate this probability: you may need to find a source-allergen (new washing powder, flowering plants, etc.)

Sometimes the swelling of the nose and lips is manifested already withthe first weeks of pregnancy as the earliest symptom, although much more often such nasal swelling occurs in the last weeks of pregnancy. In general, everything is quite individual: very many future mothers do not experience anything like this.

Swelling of hands and fingers during pregnancy

Significantly more often swelling of the hands and fingers withpregnancy. A woman feels a tingling in her fingers, a burning sensation in her wrists, a numbness in her hands. A clear sign of puffiness can be considered swelling of the fingers to the condition that it becomes impossible to remove the ring. Another way to check the presence of swelling is to press a finger on the skin of the hand: if there is a dent, you can talk about puffiness.

The formation of edema of the hands during pregnancy is greaterare exposed to women who work a lot with a computer mouse and keyboard, or are engaged in other things that require repeated repetition of the same actions, for example, knitting or modeling. In this case, the so-called tunnel syndrome develops: the fluid accumulating in the wrist exerts pressure on the nerve that passes here, which causes painful sensations.

Gymnastics for the hands and more rest you do not interfere.

If the swelling of the hands and fingers during pregnancy are combined with other swelling - back, sacrum, lower abdomen - then this should be reported to your doctor.

Swelling of legs during pregnancy

However, legs often swell during pregnancy. They are noticeably swollen, it becomes incredibly difficult to shoe the old shoes, especially if you have walked a lot before and have taken off your shoes. The first sign of swelling of the legs can be a trace on the ankle from the elastic band of socks.

In most cases, swelling of the feet during pregnancyappear in the third trimester and do not carry danger. Swelling of the legs of varying degrees is experienced by almost every pregnant woman, so you should not worry about it. But also they can be one of the signs of late toxicosis - a condition that is definitely dangerous for both the child and the woman. Therefore, it is also impossible to leave this fact without attention, and in any case it is impossible. Consult your doctor how to prevent and eliminate swelling of the legs - it's really easy to do at home.

If the swelling of the legs does not pass by morning, and hands, face, abdomen and lower back swell with your feet, then you should immediately visit the doctor.

Edema during pregnancy: folk remedies

Usually, if the cause of edema is eliminatedthey disappear on their own for several days. To do this, you need to significantly reduce consumption of table salt, do not overwork, provide a normal rest and exclude sun exposure.

It is a mistake to think that you need to drink as little as possible. Today, doctors do not advise pregnant women to reduce the amount of fluid consumed in case of puffiness. After all, without fluid, it can not be done at all, it is simply necessary for the normal development of pregnancy, besides, a sharp reduction in its number will lead to the opposite effect: the body begins to accumulate water prozapas. So you still need to drink enough - not less than one and a half liters without taking into account soups and fruits. It is best to drink pure water, it is possible with the addition of lemon, cranberry and cowberry morsels are also very useful (have a diuretic effect). But from coffee now refuse.

Eliminate all provoking factors. Eat less salt (first of all, exclude sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, herring, black bread, salted peanuts, olives), spices, carbonated beverages, foods that contain large amounts of sodium (tomatoes, seeds, nuts), give up fried , smoked. Instead, increase the amount of protein in the diet. Once a week you can spend a fasting day on apples and juice.

Do not walk in the heat, do not overdo it, do notSit up for a long time in one pose, do physical exercises (if there are no contraindications, of course). Great value has a good rest and walks in the fresh air. Put your feet on the hill during sleep. To ease the condition will help taking the knee-elbow position for 5-10 minutes.

The pregnant woman swelled feet

The area of ​​the feet and calf joints usually suffers, the strong edema is characterized by the defeat of the upper parts of the lower extremities (shins. thighs ). In this case, when pressed on the skin, a dent appears, which does not disappear for a few seconds. The most frequent swelling of the lower extremities in pregnant women is manifested in the heat, especially if during the summer time the second half of the gestation period occurs. Often this condition increases at the end of the day, with general fatigue and after heavy physical exertion.

Particular deterioration of the condition can be observed in the third trimester of gestation. Do not neglect to treat this phenomenon - the root cause of edema - high blood pressure has a harmful effect on the fetus. So, the future child receives less nutrients through the blood vessels of the placenta, since, in this case, the blood flow is difficult. Constant hypertensive manifestations and, as a result, squeezing the lumens of the veins,can lead to oxygen starvation or even fetal death. Every pregnant woman needs to know what edemas are dangerous in order to take appropriate measures in time.

Domestic and foreign gynecologists, and urologists, agree that the main causes of this pathological condition are:

  • increased blood pressure in the venous bloodstream of the lower limbs;
  • overlapping the lumen of the veins of the small pelvis due to the pressure of the growing fetus.

Swelling of the feet during pregnancy can occur and for minor reasons, among which:

  • chronic hypertension, which occurred long before the onset of pregnancy;
  • excess weight (often obesity ), recruited by a woman before the period of gestation
  • chronic diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract.

How to relieve swelling alone

A woman in a position who regularly observes herselfswelling of the lower extremities, can even before going to the gynecologist to try to reduce the pathology on their own. How to remove swelling without harm to your own health and the condition of the fetus, you can find out by visiting any Internet resource dedicated to pregnancy and childbirth. To the urgent help in this case it is possible to carry:

-diet. limiting the consumption of salt, as well assmoked products, spices and fried. Gastronomic restrictions of this kind contribute to the formation of a salt balance of the body, accelerate metabolism, reduce weight, which can significantly reduce blood pressure. Adjust the diet will not be too late and at 36-37 weeks of pregnancy.

-consumption of a sufficient amount of liquid. Ironically, the body of a woman suffering from edema of the lower extremities is often dehydrated. Even in the late gestation period, the expectant mother needs to consume 1-1.5 liters of water daily;

-light exercise. Physical education helps to get rid of stagnantphenomena in the lower limbs, as well as stimulates the motor activity of the fetus, so that changing the position of the baby can reduce the pressure on the vessels of the small pelvis. A woman should attend gymnastics classes for pregnant women, since it will help to get information about how to reduce swelling in the tissues of the body.

-effective rest. It is necessary to adopthorizontal position of the body as soon as possible. A woman needs to rest by lifting her legs over the bed with a roller or cushion. To lay a foot for a leg, especially on a term of pregnancy more than 36 weeks, it is impossible - so more violently blood circulation is violated, which contributes to the development of varicose veins and thrombosis. The fetus is already quite large and in this period the load on the vessels increases manifold. -special massage. To knead swollen legs can be coola stream of water from the shower and palms, rubbing special compounds into the skin. In both cases, the masseur needs to move from the foot to the hips to restore limited blood flow. All these measures in the complex are good even in the early stages of pregnancy as a prophylaxis of puffiness.

How to treat leg swelling in pregnant women

The pregnant woman has swollen buttocks

If you remove the pathological conditionalone is not possible, the woman will have to be treated conservatively. As a rule, the obstetrician-gynecologist faces the task of tempering the effect or even completely stopping the causes of edema, so the doctor, together with the therapist, carries out complex measures to reduce the overall level of arterial pressure in the patient's body.

For this, a strict diet is prescribed for a pregnant woman,limiting the intake of salt, the optimal drinking regime, as well as pharmaceutical antihypertensive drugs that are suitable for gestational periods, taking into account individual tolerability. Medicines can be prescribed to the patient already from 24 weeks of pregnancy. In severe cases, a pregnant woman may be shown hospitalization with further jet medication administration. If the patient's blood pressure level does not tend to stabilize, and the gestational age reaches 38 weeks, a gynecologist may decide to have an emergency cesarean section or stimulate labor.

Non-traditional ways to fight leg swelling

The doctor can advise and folk remedies,for example, the use of herbal decoctions, applying cold cabbage leaves to the affected areas. Good results are provided by acupuncture and manual therapy. It is important for a woman to understand that both conservative treatment and nontraditional methods of puffiness treatment should be controlled by the attending physician. Self-medication or hope for reviews of patients with similar symptoms during pregnancy - are unacceptable.

swelling of the feet during pregnancy

яяяяяяя | 28.04.2011, 16:55:17

club! The hospital removes droppers. What beer. To the doctor it is necessary, it is very dangerous. Salty, at least do not eat.

club! The hospital removes droppers. What beer. To the doctor it is necessary, it is very dangerous. Salty, at least do not eat.

You are harshly, however. Swelling is certainly not good, but it's not so catastrophic as you're frightening the girl here. Who then they are just their whole life conscious.</ li>
  • 4. | 28.04.2011, 17:12:02

    No, it can be very disastrous. To exclude the possibility of disaster - you need to go to the doctor, take an urine test, monitor the pressure.

  • 6. | 28.04.2011, 17:15:32

    Yes, I'm a club. My edema caused hypoxia in the baby. Intrauterine hypoxia, in turn, led to heart disease.

    Yes, I'm a club. My edema caused hypoxia in the baby. Intrauterine hypoxia, in turn, led to heart disease.

    You apparently have everything that you will not be asked about now.led when that? Recently you wrote that it was your smoking that led to this result. From what you actually advised to abandon pregnant women.
  • yayayayayaya

    Very much to you I sympathize ((and how you with a hypostasis struggled?

    My doctor believed that it was okay. In the hospital, when I was in pathology, I was already told to drink kidney teas and did droppers, I do not remember anything.
  • 11. | | 28.04.2011, 17:27:29
  • Tired of stupidity, I always have pressureincreased 140/90, lay in the maternity hospital on preservation, put droppers, poured urine on zemnitskuyu, nepecorenko, general. all as expected, the pressure was as it came, they said it was stable. 2 weeks later released. Edema as it was and remained.
  • Increased pressure, swelling and protein in the urine indicate gestosis. If there is protein - then this is serious

    Increased pressure, swelling and protein in the urine indicate gestosis. If there is protein - then this is serious

    no protein, no tests, normal
  • The 30th week has gone, soon to the decree

    and you checked the kidneys. my friend, when her pressure rose to 130 I do not remember how much and swelling did not fall off taken to the ambulance to the hospital. But she already had almost PDR, she gave birth in 3 days, and you still have to walk.
  • 20. | 28.04.2011, 17:48:29

    but how to understand that edema is dangerous? At me edemas of week 2 back (to give birth here here) have begun, I have understood that edemas when I compress fingers on legs or foots and arms or hand, but bones all are visible. just legs a little fuller than steel and fingers.

  • 23. | 28.04.2011, 18:32:54

    I had a gestosis with terrible swelling, which ononce or twice removed in a r / d dropper and with a pressure of 160/100, which could not be brought down and as a result of Caesarea, barely waiting for 38 weeks. and the urine was ideal at the same time.

    edema on the legs speak of slagging the body.

    not always. before childbirth, this indicates that the child is already large enough and can put pressure on the kidneys
  • 26. | 28.04.2011, 19:28:02
  • Future mom

    Kanefron helps me. It's kind of like the balance of fluid in the body regulates

    Also wanted to write about kanefron. A good drug. He's on herbs, without chemistry, but with his gynecologist, it's better to consult. And why are you ignoring the doctor, the author? Self-medication in such cases, ghm, is not always justified.
  • 28. | 28.04.2011, 21:02:12

    I, too, have been told to drink kanefron if there are swelling. But he also with poor kidney function, and the author may because of something else edema, and not because of the kidneys

  • 29. | 28.04.2011, 21:06:13

    Aah, well, even for prevention I can advisecream-gel for pregnant women from edema Mamma Donna by Chicco. It is called Crema gel antifatica gambe Antistress. I generally have a tendency to swelling of the legs and without pregnancy, and with it in the evening, when I take off socks or socks, my legs look like a bandaged sausage, with which the ropes were cut)) behold. On the clean feet I put this gel - swelling subsides for about 10 minutes, I really help. But this, I repeat, is prevention. If you are very much swollen legs, then one gel is unlikely to manage (

  • 30. | | 04/28/2011, 9:24:32 PM

    I also swollen legs during pregnancy. I drank kanefron.No when I saw my legs after giving birth. These were swelling. "Pregnant" edema compared with "postpartum" was not swelling at all.

  • 31. | 04/28/2011, 21:28:14

    Little swelling is okay. Now you have a double burden on all internal organs and on the kidneys as well. At me too swelled. Then when I gave birth, everything went away.

  • 32. | 04/28/2011, 10:44:50 PM

    edema is dangerous, especially in the 2-3 trimester. It is necessary to go to the doctor and exclude problems with kidney and calcium. As for lung edema, doctors usually prescribe kidney teas and kanefron, with more severe gestosis, infusion therapy. well, and limit the water.

    author you generally go to the toilet for a large walk every day. from this and dance.

    There are no problems with the toilet, regularly. Weight gained in 7 months 5 kg. I do not ignore doctors, that I appoint everything. At me job sedentary in a maternity home have told or said, that legs or foots still because of that that I sit on 8 hours per day, to lay down at job there is no place.
  • a guest

    but how to understand that edema is dangerous? At me edemas of week 2 back (to give birth here here) have begun, I have understood that edemas when I compress fingers on legs or foots and arms or hand, but bones all are visible. just legs a little fuller than steel and fingers.

    Edemas are dangerous when the tests are not normal. Pressure, protein in the urine, etc. But before delivery almost all swelling appear. If the doctor does not load you. then everything is ok.
  • 37. | 04/29/2011, 12:15:38

    Swelling and high blood pressure during pregnancy are veryDangerous. I had a pressure of 150 = 90. I lost the baby at 32 weeks. Go to the hospital and lower the pressure, drink tea diuretic. Do not tighten with it. Good luck to you.

  • 38. | 04/29/2011, 14:42:31

    edema can lead to placental abruption, then bleeding, and then depends on how quickly the doctors next to it turn out. most of all to remove swelling in the hospital, if the doctor decides so.

  • 40. | | 09.01.2012, 07:49:56

    I have 39 weeks. Swelling from 6 months. Doctors do not lie in the hospital. Prescribed kanefron. Did not help. I drank tea of ​​a dogrose. For a day helped to remove swelling of linseed oil. Twice a day on a spoon and eat necessarily, or it will carry very much. This oil cleans, so that the toilet is largely permanent. But it's such a delight to get into shoes of your size.

    Try an antistax gel or spray. Quickly, swelling is removed and pregnant can be. this is an external application. Beer))) Have fun ..

  • 42. | 08.04.2012, 12:41:39

    at me now 37 weeks edemas there were weeks 2back, and it's not because of the water, not because of salt, not because of anything else but just the legs are getting tired, the only thing the doctor told me is that it's long not to sit and walk and often lie, so if everything is OK, all tests and etc. then most likely it's just fatigue

  • 43. | 15.04.2012, 13:53:43

    Pregnancy is often accompanied by a numberDiscomfortable phenomena are amenable to correction with timely access to a doctor. Part will be resolved on their own, some require auxiliary therapy. In particular, the problem of edema is a frequent phenomenon requiring treatment to a doctor. The swelling of the pregnant can have a different degree of severity. The cause of the development of edema is a violation of the hormonal background of women, water-salt balance, as well as anatomical and physiological changes in the body of women with a temporary nature. Often during pregnancy, the condition of the veins of the lower extremities worsens. In addition to the increased burden on the legs, blood stagnation occurs in the vessels of the lower limbs due to the increase in the size of the uterus and mechanical compression of the vessels in the pelvic region + concomitant biochemical and hormonal changes in the body. The consequence of these processes is a feeling of heaviness, swelling, the appearance of a vascular network. If you notice swelling for the first time, immediately consult your doctor, as swelling can be a sign of more serious complications of pregnancy. Serious complications of pregnancy, the phenomenon, thank God, is not frequent. And most likely you are recommended to follow a special diet with restriction of salt, liquids, it is possible to wear compression linen (the degree of compression is chosen by a doctor!) The remedy is unique by combining classical ingredients and components of oriental medicine known for several thousand years. Cream for the prevention of vascular diseases of the lower extremities of Lili and Cevi de Luxe is a well-known Czech manufacturer of products for maintaining health? Simply You Pharmaceuticals? can be used for a long time, 2-3 times a day to rub with massage movements from the periphery to the center, combined with wearing compression linen. Naturally, the cream is recommended not only for pregnant women, but for all family members.