Swollen hands and feet what to do

too began to swell, the doctor has told or said poprobyvatto have a drink infusion of parsley (1 st.lozhka on half a liter of water, during the day to drink somewhere 250 ml of this infusion, in small portions). Today I drink. While something does :) but it can help you. <BR> Yes, and of course the main thing is that there was no protein in the urine and high blood pressure, otherwise it's a completely different song

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Author: oksanchik Status: Newcomer Time: 20:59 Date: Mar 21, 2005

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Author: Лисятик Status: User Time: 2:30 pm Date: Mar 22, 2005

something not very. I brew podst.lozhki (instead of 1 st.l.) and drink all half a liter (instead of half). Well. although it may be better, but there is no such thing as running straight from it. sort of like usual

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Author: oksanchik Status: Newcomer Time: 21:43 Date: Mar 23, 2005

I do not have time to run from the perrushki to the toilet, but I do not brew it, but just eat it.

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Author: A2004 Status: User Time: 15:25 Date: Mar 21, 2005

swallowing with swelling. That's what they wrote me: at least 2 hours a day to take a horizontal position. Better more. When a person is rested there for something, the flow of something is better and the type of swelling subsides. Sometime knee-elbow position 3 times a day for 15 minutes. Any renal diuretic tea (cranberries, bearberry, dues) 1 cup to brew, drink a third 3 times a day.

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Author: Lisitza Status: Veteran Time: 15:38 Date: Mar 21, 2005

A2004 wrote: <BR>. At least 2 hours a day to take a horizontal position. Better more. When a person is rested there for something, the flow of something is better and the type of swelling subsides. <BR> <BR> It is interesting. Here I am just in the morning (ie after several hours in a horizontal pose;)) I see that my fingers swelled, and when I get up - after 5 minutes. edemas as never happened;)

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Author: Capellla Status: User Time: 16:55 Date: Mar 21, 2005

I was swept up last week with swelling, severalstronger than usual. The doctors did not even pay attention to those that were before, although I certainly felt them and noticed them. <BR> So the whole last week I fought with them - I drank a diuretic tea, cranberry and cowberry mors (homemade) and just tried more fluids . Nothing helped, in the morning got up with the same sosisochkami on the legs instead of fingers. And then, in itself, it passed. And out of the total weight gain, a kilogram left. So think about what it was. It is possible that something took in food that promoted edema, maybe even that, but the directed release did not help at all, although who knows, it could have been worse. <BR> Now again, slight swelling, which was before, especially not felt, and do not care.

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Author: D @ MA Status: User Time: 20:42 Date: Mar 21, 2005

And what is your deadline?

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Author: Capellla Status: User Time: 20:50 Date: Mar 21, 2005

The fortieth is already coming :-)

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Author: Dasha P Status: User Time: 20:56 Date: Mar 21, 2005

Nope, just before giving birth, it always happens like this;) Soon, give birth!

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Author: Capellla Status: User Time: 21:02 Date: Mar 21, 2005

And where can I go, at such a time :-)

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Author: Tataša Status: Veteran Time: 22:50 Date: Mar 21, 2005

The last week is held under the motto "Everything onstruggle with edema ":(: (:( <BR> While little does help .. When I did ultrasound and looked at me for one thing: the child sat on the priest's head and betrayed the ureter, from a bad outflow of blood and to everything in the liver, too, problems: (I was discharged by Kanefron, I drink a week, but there is not much improvement.) On ultrasound, they said that you can not help with drugs, either, or wait for it to turn headfirst, or when everything will come to its logical conclusion :) :( <BR> After each fluid intake lie 10 minutes on the left side, 10 minutes on the right, 10 minutes knee-elbow position - this is my doctor so said the case b. <BR> Still in the evening the guard simply :(

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Author: poljka_latvija Status: User Time: 13:22 Date: Mar 22, 2005

I just waited for my face. scored 20 kg for B! in the family house "left" 16. now almost with all kg goodbye!

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Author: Veverka Status: User Time: 22:18 Date: Mar 23, 2005

Oh, pregnant women! Yes, everyone will exaggerate, in fear, eyes are great! There is no need for terrible swelling in most cases. Unpleasant, of course. Completely eliminate salt and salt from the food, as well as spicy. And be patient. Coming soon absolutely different problems and experiences :)

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Author: Belosnezka Status: User Time: 23:38 Date: Mar 23, 2005

I started late toxicosis, as you have with the protein of blood. pressure?

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Author: Милечка Status: User Time: 00:15 Date: Mar 24, 2005

was at the doctor on March 1st all was ok <BR> now I will go 29

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Author: Belosnezka Status: User Time: 08:55 Date: Mar 25, 2005

Well, thank God, only if you swell more, then go earlier. Internal swelling is very dangerous, it's worse than edema external.

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