The child has swollen legs

Published on 01/02/2013 | Author Vinnikov AA

Swelling in the child is an alarming symptom, requiring specialist advice.

The first thing to look for whenthe appearance of edema in a small child is the condition of the kidneys. An important diagnostic feature is the establishment of fluid retention. This can be determined by measuring the amount of fluid consumed and emitted or by measuring the weight. You should know how much fluid the child should use according to age. In case the urine is cloudy, fetid, you should immediately consult a doctor.

In case of fluid retention, acute or chronic heart failure, disruption of the hormonal system, renal, hepatic, lymphatic or venous insufficiency is assumed.

In the case of nephrotic syndrome, swellingdevelop gradually. Most often, parents pay attention to the sharp weight gain in the baby. Edema can be swept around the eyes - there are so-called "bags under the eyes", then the edema progresses, capturing new areas of the body.

In diseases of the heart and blood vessels, swelling of the legs and general swelling develop. The child has shortness of breath, wheezing in the lungs, rapid pulse.

If a child has any of these symptoms, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

However, edema in the child may be associated with other causes:

1) Wrong mode of the day;

2) Lack of walks in the fresh air;

3) Long stay in one position;

4) Improper diet. For example, in the absence of protein in the diet of the child develops a general edema, the child grows poorly and adds little weight, there is a muscle dystrophy, a weak mental development. Vegetarian parents need to remember this.

5) Excessive consumption of salt or sugar;

6) The initial stage of development of diabetes mellitus;

7) Allergic reactions of different etiology.

Local edema often develops around the eyes. Can be formed after severe crying, allergies, conjunctivitis.

Facial swelling is most often caused by allergic reactions to cosmetics, food, medicines.

Experts associate the formation of bags under the eyes of children with several reasons:

1) Genetic factor. It's enough to look at the child's parents and everything becomes clear;

4) Diseases of the kidneys, blood vessels, heart;

6) Metabolic disorders;

11) Individual features of the structure of the eyes;

12) Extremely hot weather;

Parents should remember that the childshould sleep a lot and spend as much time in the fresh air. Do not strictly observe the norm of an eight-hour sleep, perhaps your baby needs to sleep 10 or even 12 hours.

All children are ready to exchange useful porridge forsweets. Be careful, the baby needs to be fed properly. Food should be varied, with the content of vitamins. Many parents note that in the summer when children walk a lot, circles under the eyes disappear, as the child sleeps plenty, walks a lot, moves, consumes many vegetables, fruits and berries.