Swelling of the legs after a working day

Swelling of the feet Is an increase in the lower extremities in the volume. Often the syndrome is not an independent disease. But he can testify to a serious enough ailment. Why do footsteps swell in women and how quickly to recognize the root cause of this phenomenon?

Causes of acute edema of the legs

Acute edema develops within 2-3 days. Such defeats can be either unilateral or bilateral. Very often the swelling of one leg appears due to a thrombosis of deep wreaths of the lower extremities. The cause of thrombotic complications are:

  • varicose leg disease.
  • prolonged bed rest;
  • chemo- or radiotherapy.

Thrombosis is characterized by partial or completeviolation of the patency of the deep wreath of the feet. It develops literally in a few days. This is why the shins and feet of the women swell so swiftly. Puffiness can be accompanied by cyanosis, sharp pains and coldness of the limb. Also, the causes of the appearance of acute foot swelling in women are various injuries. Usually, the limbs are not only swollen, but also very sore.

Two-sided puffiness may occur whenpregnancy, during a flight in an airplane, with prolonged immobility, constipation, physical work and other problems with venous outflow. Expansion of the venous trunks can also be accompanied by pain and increased fatigue of the legs.

Causes of chronic edema of the legs

The main reason that women are swollen legs -chronic insufficiency of deep or superficial veins. The failure of venous valves causes the formation of varicose veins. At the same time, conditions are created for rapid and easy sweeping of the liquid into the interstitial space. Over time, puffiness is supplemented by an obvious vascular network under the skin, strong weight in the legs, pain and trophic skin disorders.

Chronic edema occurs with cardiacinsufficiency with the involvement of a large circle of blood circulation. First, the rear of the feet and ankles swell. But as heart failure progresses, puffiness "seizes" the shin and thigh. Of the additional symptoms can be identified:

  • shortness of breath;
  • rather rapid fatigue;
  • significant increase in the liver.

Pulmonary arterial hypertension is alsothe reason that women swollen legs and arms. It develops as a result of pulmonary pathologies and because of right ventricular heart failure. In rare cases, swelling of the lower extremities is observed with cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Other causes of swelling in women

After the examinations it was revealed that there is nopathologies and diseases? Then why do women become swollen by the evening? This may be due to a difficult venous return. During the day the heart is distilled blood from the center to the periphery. Sometimes part of the blood does not have time to return to the heart cells, and plasma is retained in the tissues. That's why by the evening the feet increase, and in them there is a weight.

If the legs swell in older women,the cause may be concealed in a banal allergic edema. It develops in response to a regular intake or excess dosage of various drugs. This swelling is accompanied by severe redness and itching.

But the reason for the fact that women swollen legs inheat, is incorrectly matched shoes. It's not only very high heels, but also shoes and sandals that squeeze your fingers or your entire foot. Puffiness occurs after eating very salty and fatty foods, as well as with prolonged sitting in low and soft chairs or when you sit on your leg.