Why the thighs of the legs swell

It is believed that the swelling of the hip arises under certain conditions. For example, it occurs in premature babies. It covers the hips and waist.

What is hip swelling

We are well aware that swelling signals a disease. Does the face swell? It suffers from the liver. Arms? This is a dangerous syndrome of a malignant tumor. Etc. Consider the causes of edema. And this symptom arises if the hip muscle has suffered. We will become acquainted with the edema of the thigh in more detail.

  • Injury of quadriceps. This muscle is in the thigh. It is damaged by blows in front or side. Often a trauma threatens athletes. Edema in this case is acute, there is acute pain and bruise. In the treatment it is important to eliminate the pain, and even the doctors work to maintain the mobility of the joint;
  • Tendon rupture is an injury described abovemuscle. It is often experienced by the elderly, and for no reason. It just becomes impossible to unbend the leg or other symptoms. In the treatment of fix the joint, and also work to restore the mobility of the muscle;
  • Chronic venous insufficiency - thenthere is a common source of edema. First, signs of venous expansion appear. To have edema, it takes several years. Do not run the disease, do therapy. Then there is an increase in the volume of the limbs. To run the disease, just a few weeks. There is also a phenomenon known as edematic syndrome.

These are just some of the reasons. Outflow of lymph, or acute thrombosis, can be disturbed. As we see, edema appears in a variety of cases. This can be not only an acute symptom, but also a manifestation of delayed treatment. Then the swelling of the hip will have to be treated separately from the disease itself.