Strongly swollen legs in an elderly person

An elderly woman is very swollen legs. Pressure is normal. Our doctors do not treat old people.

The reasons for swelling of the lower extremities can be several:
- cardiac pathology
- lymphovenous insufficiency
- lymphostasis
- varicose veins
- problems of the joint plan (arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatoid diseases)

most likely myxedema
let drink a diuretic and make it an iodine grid
if iodine evaporates in 2 hours, iodine deficiency

Primary hypothyroidism is more common in women.
Characterized by chilliness, drowsiness, lethargy,decrease in memory, slowing of speech, movements, fatigue, decreased efficiency, arthralgia, swelling of the face and extremities, which has a peculiar character (when pressing a finger in the front surface of the tibia, the fossa does not remain).

Skin covers dry, pale, with a yellowish tinge.
The tongue is thickened, along the edges-the pressure from the teeth. Hoarseness of voice.
Fracture and loss of hair on the head, lateral third of the eyebrows,
pubic. Decreased body temperature, constipation. Bradycardia, deafness of heart sounds, rarely normal heart rate, rarely tachycardia.

it is worth checking the kidneys, the heart. To drink less liquid.

There may be heart failure.

The kidneys should be checked. prescribe medicines that remove excess fluid. And even better herbs. Bruschnik leaf and wraps with a decoction of nettle and burdock root. Skipperfish baths from gentle treatment (buy the composition ONLY in the pharmacy and no self-activity.)

1 check the kidneys (possibly kidney failure)
2 check the heart of the ECG
3 check blood sugar
To give a direction on analyzes and an electrocardiogram - your doctors can!

Cardiac or venous insufficiency, the kidneys are unlikely - the kidneys give the upper half of the body puffiness since the morning swelling on the face ...

Legs swell in people with various kidney diseases, with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.

swelling on the legs is first of all cardiac edemas! be sure to exclude diabetes and kidney failure! in any case, a specialist consultation is required!