Swelling of the legs during pregnancy photo

How to prevent swelling during pregnancy

Swelling of the legs during pregnancy is a problemcommon, almost all future mothers encounter it in the third trimester. This pathology is diagnosed quite easily. Puffiness is clearly visible visually. If not, then you can pay attention to the marks from the sock on the skin, the dimples that remain on the skin after a slight depression. Edemas during pregnancy are not dangerous for the future mummy, but may be the first symptom of a dangerous condition - gestosis. How to act, how to be treated and where (in the home or in the hospital), if you have swelling in pregnancy?

The future mother in the last 8 weeks before the birththe child visits his gynecologist every 2 weeks and gives tests. And at one of the receptions she can be diagnosed with this pathology. A competent doctor always pays attention to swelling in the patient. What should I do if my legs swollen during pregnancy, how to be treated?

Treatment is not required anything if, in addition to puffiness, nothing disturbs, the results of urinalysis are normal and blood pressure is not increased. That is, there is no reason to suspect gestosis.

To avoid edema of the hands duringpregnancy and other parts of the body, there is no need and, moreover, harmful to limit the amount of fluid used. You need to drink as much as you want. After all, to the delay of the liquid leads quite another - salt. It is necessary to limit it in your diet. Do not forget that the salt is found in many products: sausage, sausages, various smoked products, canned meat and fish, etc. A lot of salt is contained in various "salinis". They need to be completely eliminated. Dosalivat food at a minimum. And drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day. And non-carbonated pure drinking, not mineral. Drugs and folk diuretics, in most cases, are not needed.

In order to prevent swelling during pregnancy, the observance of simple rules plays an important role.

1. Do not stand for a long time in an upright position. Long stand (especially motionless), sit, go to the future mother is not worth it.

2. At the first signs of puffiness on the legs, it is necessary to take a horizontal position and raise the legs to a level slightly above the head (you can simply place a cushion under the calf or pillow).

3. Wear comfortable, loose shoes on a low stable heel.

4. To wear compression underwear (knee-high stockings, stockings or pantyhose according to doctor's prescription).