Swollen legs after a dropper

July 26, 21:50, 2011

I'm pregnant for 24 weeks, I'm 23 years old. all analyzes to this day were normal. only gained weight for the entire pregnancy is almost 10 kg. the doctor without sending me to the nephrologist sent to a dropper with magnesium (the pressure after it was 95 to 42). when I came home, my ankles swelled, my ring began to reap, and for the whole day I went to pee three times. tell me is this normal? how do they drip from the swelling and they become visible after 2 hours after the dropper? can refuse from the digging? legs and hands, as if the skin stretches from the inside (burns)

27 July 12:48, 2011

Determine the tactics of treatment for puffiness is possibleonly guided by data on the status of women, the development of pregnancy, the results of analyzes of general and biochemical analyzes of urine and blood. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to comment or change the doctor's appointed gynecologist. Magnesia helps lower blood pressure and diuresis, relaxes smooth muscles.

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