Why the legs cause swelling

dilber talibova Pupil (155), on a vote 4 years ago

I underwent surgery 2 years ago to removethe uterus. I am 50 years old. I noticed, in the last half of the year, my hands and feet swelling. Often swelling arms when walking on the coast. And my legs all day. I checked myself, my heart and kidneys are all right. Tell me, please, with what it is connected? What kind of doctor should I apply for?

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ZELENOGLAZKA Expert (428) 4 years ago

A lot of slag and excess water in the body accumulated. Try a wellness system. These classes contribute to the removal of puffiness. Go to the site slimclub.ru Good luck!

Lyokha Kiyatkin Expert (305) 4 years ago

perhaps it's blood pressure

</ b> Enlightened (23143) 4 years ago

Perhaps, from excess water in the body and puffiness. After any operation, you need to follow a diet. Perhaps the wrong metabolism. Start with the therapist.

WHO'S WHO Sage (15487) 4 years ago

Something is wrong with the lymph outflow.