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We propose to talk about what to do ifyou swell legs, which doctor heals this symptom, directly depends on the reason that provoked it. Therefore, the first recommendation is to undergo a survey. It is possible to address to the phlebologist who will spend US of veins - and if necessary will direct to the adjacent expert.

If you have swollen legs, which doctor heals, it will help to determine the examination. Now about how to prevent swelling, the cause of which is not in diseases, but in external factors:

  • Try not to throw your foot on your leg and avoid hypodynamia. Even if on duty you are forced to sit or stand for a long time, be sure to do the warm-up
  • Do not wear tight clothes and shoes, especially in the heat
  • Maintain weight in the norm
  • Give up smoking
  • Reduce the daily intake of salt
  • Include in the diet foods rich in vitamins B, C, K and E. Take multivitamin complexes (strictly according to the instructions)

3 April 2016
Good afternoon! I live in St. Petersburg. January 5, 2015 there was a deep vein thrombosis of the lower leg, popliteal segment. There was very severe shortness of breath, but PE was ruled out. Studies of vessels of the abdominal cavity were not performed. Treatment - thromboass, warfarin, detralex compression. Warfarin drank a year. Through the uzi the veins became passable. But after the withdrawal of warfarin, unpleasant sensations in the leg, temperature 37 in the evening. They allowed me to wear golf, but I doubt that the veins hang on the whole leg. By the size of the legs are different. Whether it is possible to pass or take place in your clinic a full inspection and receive consultation on treatment. Does the clinic have a hotel and an approximate cost of living and such a survey. Or can you recommend a specialist in St. Petersburg? Answer: Good afternoon! Olga, unfortunately a complete examination in our clinic, you can not get. We recommend that you pass the following tests: ultrasound of the abdominal cavity organs, mammography. Consultation of the coloproctologist. If the veins are on the hip ("the veins hang on the entire leg"), we recommend wearing compression stockings or pantyhose. Sincerely, Angelova Victoria Alexandrovna.

February 7, 2016 Seminar on genetic markers of thrombophilia Colleagues, this Wednesday, on the 10th at 17 o'clock we are going to a seminar on thrombophilia. There will be an invited geneticist from PFUR

January 16, 2016 Summing up the results of the past year Results of 2015:
During the work 15 scientific works were published, 1 book on thrombosis for a wide range of readers was published.
Representatives of the Center's staff made presentations at 4 scientific and practical conferences.
In clinical practice, new methods of psychological testing and accompanying patients with surgical interventions on the veins.

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