Can legs swell during pregnancy

Why do feet become swollen?

A wonderful period of pregnancy is oftenis complicated for the future mother by various unpleasant situations, including those related to health, one of which is swelling of the legs. In this there is nothing to worry about, and you can improve the condition of your legs without any medications. But why in pregnancy swelling of legs, let's try to find out.

In fact, this frequent phenomenon is simpleexplanation. But first of all it is necessary to find out whether legs really swell, or the pregnant woman has slightly recovered. So, if shoe shoes are used, they start to press, and weight is more than 300 grams per week, then, most likely, the blame for swelling of the legs. As a rule, in the absence of diseases in a pregnant woman heart and kidney diseases, edema of the legs appear only from the second half of the gestation period. Swelling of the legs can be accompanied by edema of the face, abdomen, hands, and are manifested mainly in the evening.

But remember, swelling of the legs is not a pathology. The fact that in the body of a pregnant woman accumulates sodium, which has the property of attracting water, which is why a fluid retention occurs that causes edema. To aggravate the edematous process can eat fried and salty foods, high ambient temperature.

In fact, leg swelling is naturalprocess during pregnancy and do not pose a significant danger for either the pregnant or the child. It is enough to rest, lie on one side, reduce salt intake, drink a diuretic tea, and swelling for a short time pass.

Complications of swelling of the feet are only consideredthe case when a woman very quickly begins to gain more than the normal weight, swelling passes to the hands, face, waist region, etc. Doctors call this condition "gestosis". Priagostosis requires constant medical supervision, and in some cases hospitalization.

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