Swelling of the upper still eyelid

The swelling of the eyelids is a frequent phenomenon thatindicates the presence of some diseases. Reactive edema is a separate group, as they develop in inflammatory processes in neighboring areas. This can be, for example, the paranasal sinuses.

Edema of the eyelids can be inflammatory or non-inflammatory.

With inflammatory edema, there is hyperemiaskin, the temperature rises locally. With palpation of the eyelid, soreness and a slight compaction are felt, indicating such diseases as furunculosis, barley or erysipelas.

Puffiness non-inflammatory character appearwith kidney disease and cardiovascular system. Usually it is bilateral edema. In the morning they are most pronounced and often appear together with swelling of the lower extremities or ascites. Edema in kidney disease is water. In many cases, such swelling starts from the face.

There are also allergic edema. He can suddenly appear and just disappear. Doctors call it Quincke's edema. Most often, this swelling is one-sided and is not accompanied by subjective sensations. It is localized mainly on the upper eyelid.

The cause of allergic edema isa corresponding reaction to foods, berries, citrus fruits, flowers, medicines or cosmetics. Sensitive people can provoke its symptoms with oils and fats, which are part of facial creams. If you put such a cream on your eyelids, then getting in your eyes, it will cause irritation and swelling of the eyelids. Therefore, do not leave excess cream at night. It is better to remove them with a cotton swab.

Chronic lack of sleep, dinner at a later time,smoking, a large amount of salt and liquid in the diet, as well as the awkward position of the head during sleep hours - all this leads to the onset of edema of the eyelids.

Tumors of the eyelids, squamous cell carcinoma, swelling after surgery, burns (including sun rays) and injuries - all these are the causes of the puffiness of the upper eyelids.

It should be remembered that eye strain and prolonged work on the PC does not cause swelling.

Puffiness of the eyelids and physiological features

Persistent eyelid edema is most likely associated withcongenital features of the structure of the eye. The membrane, located between the subcutaneous tissue and the skin of the eyelids, is very thin at birth. Over the years, it is even more abrasive and thinner, which leads to the release of subcutaneous fat directly under the skin. With various failures in the body, this tissue begins to accumulate fluid, which leads to visible swelling of the eyelids.

With the initial violation in the eye areavenous circulation at night, there is a slowing of circulation in the vessels around the eyes. The eyelids are still at night, which turns into overflow of blood vessels. The tissues begin to stretch, and this leads to morning swelling.

Swelling of the upper eyelid with redness

This is usually the case with acute dacryoadenitis,which can be either unilateral or bilateral. This disease is a complication after measles, influenza, pneumonia, as well as typhoid and mumps.

In addition to puffiness and redness, the patient complainsfor pain in the eye. The inflammatory process accompanies general malaise, enlarged lymph nodes, acute headache and fever. In rare cases, there is an abscess or suppuration of the lacrimal gland. After 12-14 days, this condition passes.

How to remove puffiness eyelids: proven tips

In order to begin treatment of edema, in the first place, you need to establish the cause of their occurrence.

If swelling is a consequence of a violationwater-electrolyte metabolism, then, to eliminate it, the administration of diuretics is prescribed. And, of course, you need to limit the intake of salt and liquid in your diet.

If in the appearance of puffiness, internal diseasesno role is played, then to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon will help proper skin care eyelids, full sleep, walking in the fresh air and moderate use of liquid.

With oedematous age of an allergic natureit is recommended to take desensitizing drugs inside. They can also be used as an ophthalmic ointment and drops. Good results are achieved by the use of shark fat for the face - its action is directed precisely at neutralizing puffiness.

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  • Lymphatic drainage massage. It helps to remove puffiness in the initial stage. An excellent effect can be obtained by massaging with a soft pressure of the temples and corners of the eyes. Massage should be about 2 minutes, then do a tapping around the eyes with your fingertips.
  • Exercise for the eyes. During the day it is recommended to perform several times. Hands need to be put on the area of ​​the temples and try to shift the skin with the help of the muscles of the facial expression. Exercise can be combined with a massage.
  • Ice. When the puffiness of the eyelids, ice cubes are well helped, they need to be laid on the eyes and held for several minutes. It well stimulates blood circulation. Such cubes can be made from sage broth.
  • Masks. A mixture of sour cream with chopped parsley and warm potato gadgets will also help in the fight against swelling eyelids.
  • Special cooling eye gel. It usually includes herbal extracts. It is applied to the eyelids either in the morning, immediately after sleeping and washing, or before make-up and keep for 5-10 minutes.

    If the cause of edema is subcutaneous fat in excess amount under the skin of the eyelids, then in this case only blepharoplasty will help.

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