Gel from swelling of the feet

How to keep your legs healthy, or where does varicose begin?

Pain, swelling, a constant feeling of fatigue and heaviness in the legs is a serious reason to suspect problems with the veins.

Remember: healthy legs do not swell. They conscientiously carry us all day and do not make themselves felt painful pain in the calves or swollen ankles in the evening. If this happens, then it's time to pay attention to them.

The first signs of poor veins areswelling of the legs by the end of the day. Normal shoes become "cramped," a feeling of heaviness, raspiraniya and heat in the calf muscles. Over time, begin to torment the night cramps, on the legs appear small blue-red vascular "stars".

Between the first symptoms and the appearance of the disease - varicose veins - usually takes several years.

A prolonged forced sitting or standing position,overweight, pregnancy, hereditary predisposition - all this contributes to the appearance of varicose veins. Also complicating the situation is high blood pressure, permanent leg injuries hormonal contraception.

Keep in mind, a long stay in the sitting position, throwing your foot on the leg, even with fully healthy veins, leads to the accumulation of additional 300-500 ml of blood in the legs.

Remember! If the first alarming symptoms have appeared, do notpostpone - start taking action. After all, as you know, any disease is easier and cheaper to cure at the initial stage, than when it comes to complications. Be healthy, and let your gait always remain easy!

GAP for legs KAPILAR with Flavosomes improvesthe blood flow in the smallest blood vessels of the skin, increases the volume of blood circulating in them, and thus relieves the excess load from the large veins, returning to the working state the "stagnant" vessels. Active components of GAP for legs KAPILAR reduce the viscosity of the blood and help reduce stagnant phenomena in the venous bed.

Regular application of KAPILAR Leg Gel withFlavosomes help to relieve nighttime fatigue and swelling of the legs. Unpleasant and painful sensations that arise from long standing or walking, as well as after long walks with untrained people, especially elderly people, are alleviated.

What is edema, and why is it dangerous not to attach importance to them?

Many frivolously refer to the fact that the feet toend of the day swelling, consider evening swelling is almost normal. This is not true. After all, swelling is not just "water": it contains the products of the vital activity of cells, toxins. Edema dilates and damages nearby tissues.

If swelling lasts for several hours andespecially within days or weeks, tissue spaces gradually become "stretched". In other words, the longer you do not pay attention to swelling, the easier it will be afterwards, leading to pronounced and chronic swelling.

That is why it is so important to start using special cosmetics as early as possible to prevent and reduce swelling.

Active components of Gel for legs KAPILARincrease the number of working capillaries, stimulating the outflow of excess fluid. They also strengthen the walls and normalize the increased permeability of the capillaries, which provokes swelling.

Foot gel KAPILAR with Flavosomes improves microcirculation and skin condition with varicose veins, weakness of the lymph flow, with swelling of the legs.

Bruises and bruises, injuries of capillaries

Bruises, or in a different way bruises, in mostWe get cases when we hit something. When a blow is injured and burst the smallest blood vessels - the capillaries, and the blood from them spreads under the skin, causing swelling, discoloration and soreness.

Frequent appearance of bruises in the elderly, whose skin is thinned with age, is explained by the destruction of connective tissue and increased fragility of blood vessels.

Usually the bruise should disappear by itself. The lower the hematomas are located on the body, the slower they heal. On the face a bruise passes in a week, on a trunk in two weeks, and on a leg can remain within a month.

But it happens only if the capillaries are healthy. If the blood flow velocity in small vessels is reduced, the capillaries are "clogged" and can not work normally, the bruises stick and do not pass for a long time.

Active components of GAP for feet KAPILAR improveblood flow in the smallest blood vessels of the skin and reduce the viscosity of the blood. In addition, the number of working capillaries increases, due to which bruises of any origin, including chronic ones, dissolve more quickly.

Regular application of gel for feet KAPILAR with Flavosomes strengthens the walls of blood vessels, accelerates resorption with hematomas, improves blood circulation in the lower limbs.

GEL FOR FEET KAPILAR with Flavosomes -
this is the confirmed effectiveness of the exposure

From the conclusion of the scientists of the Department of Laser Medicine of the PFUR who conducted clinical tests of the GAP for legs CAP ILAR with Flavosomes:

GAP for legs KAPILAR with Flavosomes was used in patients with chronic venous insufficiency of lower extremities of II - III degree. During the research, the KAPILAR Leg Gel was applied to the affected limb daily 1-2 times a day for 3 weeks.

As studies have shown, inresult of a course of Gel Foot KAPILAR reduced congestion in the venous circulation, swelling eliminated, improving microcirculation.

After using the KAPILAR Foot Gel with Flavosomes, patients noted improvement in health, disappearance of edema, a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

The positive effect of the course use of the gel for the legs KAPILAR is primarily associated with the removal of stagnant phenomena in the venular link and the reduction of intravascular aggregation (clumping) of erythrocytes.

KAPILAR gel positively affects normalizationmicrocirculation, has a stimulating effect on tissue blood flow, and also stabilizes the barrier function and reduces the permeability of microvessel walls, especially at the capillary level.

This makes it possible to recommend KAPILAR Gel for legs with Flavosomes as an effective cosmetic agent in disorders of microcirculation and venous insufficiency.

FLAVOSOMES GEL for feet KAPILAR are skin-related liposomes created by patented nanotechnology.

Active components of Gel for legs KAPILAR with Flavosomes:

  • liposomal dihydroquercetin-2%,
  • liposomal troxerutin-4%,
  • liposomal vitamin PP-2%.

Its structure Flavosomes mimic the structurecells of the human body, due to which they easily penetrate deep layers of the skin, delivering there bioactive substances: dihydroquercetin, troxerutin, vitamin PP. These substances help to protect, restore and rejuvenate the smallest blood vessels.

The use of flavosome technology allows the gel for legs KAPILAR to work faster and more efficiently than previous generation cosmetics.