Swelling and burning feet

Symptom of many diseases is burning in the legs below the knee. These diseases must be identified in the early stages. It is necessary to pay attention to such diseases and signs.

When thrombophlebitis blood clots settle on inflamed loomsvessels of veins, a thrombus is formed. The disease does not develop quickly, at first there is a slight pain in the calf muscles. In places where the veins pass, the skin reddens and burns. If the burning begins below the knee, then the likelihood of a thrombus.

When varicose veins. the surface of the veins widens and lengthens. As a rule, lower limbs are susceptible to this disease. The first manifestation of the disease, preceded by puffiness, fatigue and burning sensation in the legs below the knee. Burning happens in the evening and at night, in the morning there comes a comfortable state.

Obliterating endarteritis it is an infectious disease of blood vessels. Infection affects the arteries of the lower limbs, with more and more numb legs. During walking, at intervals of time, there is lameness, burning and cramps in the calves.

Vascular Atherosclerosis lower limbs arises from the arisinga thrombus in the lumen of the vessel, as a result muscle tissue does not receive the necessary oxygen. The disease develops with low mobility, obesity, smoking people, with diabetes. Attacks of atherosclerosis are accompanied by lameness, convulsions in the buttocks, burning muscles, burning sensation below the knee.

  • When the tumor affects the peripheral nerves and fibers of the vessels of the legs. There is a burning sensation in the legs.
  • In pregnancy, burning in the legs is associated with such a complication as - gestosis.
  • Burning sensation in the legs can be caused by uncomfortable shoes.

If you contact the doctor in time and find out the cause of the disease, many serious consequences can be avoided.

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Thanks to the author for the article! I realized that it was time for me to run to the doctor, and the burning below the knee has been worrying me for a month already. Maybe the doctor will prescribe some tablets or ointments and everything will do.

Hello, Periodically there is a burning sensation in the legs below the knee, very interested in what kind of doctor should be addressed?

You need a phlebologist doctor. And if you talk about the prevention of your symptoms, I can advise the pill that she herself took not so long ago. Detralex are called. They have passed many clinical trials, so there is nothing to worry about. The main thing is that with such problems they are just great help.

And if the feeling of heaviness in the legs, what is better to do? Gels or ointments for legs or foots or all-these tablets? Very much I wait for advice.

Lisa, already advised, and so I will repeat, to youdetraleks need to drink. About gels with ointments that's what I say. The sense in them is, only if you use them together with tablets. So, the best course of course is an effective venotonic (detralex) to take.