Than to treat edemas of legs or foots at the elderly person

A.I. Kondratieva Pupil (166), on a vote 1 year ago

The doctor diagnosed arthritis and treatment - is it really true that Nise is a very harmful remedy? Can it be taken with Almagel to save the walls of the stomach?
Or is the diagnosis wrong and treatment should be different? By experience I know that arthritis - the unbending fingers - this is just not no. Thank you.

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Alexander Danilov Guru (4100) 1 year ago

and here arthritis and fingers? you have some kind of doubtful experience.

Alexey Tsvetkov Pupil (68) 1 year ago

Yes, it is possible to remove foot edema

Gennady Thinker (7052) 1 year ago

Naise is just an anesthetic. And legs can swell and for other reasons. With heart disease, for example, etc.

Go to another doctor. Swelling of the legs - this is clearly not the main symptom of arthritis. If this patient takes antihypertensive drugs (reducing blood pressure). then such a side effect is possible.

Irena Enlightened (30964) 1 year ago

the most likely cause of heart diseaseInsufficiency, consultation of the cardiologist is necessary. It is treated by cardiac glycosides (in tablets it is possible), diuretic well and the greatest possible healthy way of life, it is necessary to move also by the way

vladimir climov Artificial Intelligence (252184) 1 year ago

rave. arthritis - the problem of joints. and here venous or heart failure. or both.

Legitimate Cat Enlightened (48756) 1 year ago

depends on the level of puffiness, in my opinion, in such heat as now (and even if the person moves little), a small puffiness is not a reason to worry.
And if the puffiness is large, then of course you need to undergo a complete examination.