How to relieve edema on the legs after a fracture

Have you had a fracture and a puffiness? How was the swelling removed after fracture? Then the following information is very useful to you. This unpleasant condition occurs because the muscles and ligaments are damaged. We'll look at a method that will tell you about it.

How to remove the swelling after a fracture? What will help you or the people's councils

Stock up with the following ingredients: Copper vitriol, onion, vinegar, valerian, spruce, olive oil, chamomile, St. John's wort.

What should I do to relieve swelling after a fracture?

If you were able to purchase sap from fir, pour 20gram, add onion (small head), and a little bit of copper vitriol (about 15 grams). All this must be crushed, and then put in a mixture of 50 ml of olive oil. Then you need to put the mixture on a small fire and remove it as soon as it boils! Through the double-rolled gauze, filter the resulting, pour into a vessel of dark glass. The ointment consistency, which you have left, should be applied to circumvertebral tissues and covered with parchment paper, from above to put a bandage bandage. This simple procedure should be performed daily several times a day until the desired result appears.

Compresses of olive oil are recommended to be applied to the site of injury.

Also to edema after a fracture, you can attachnapkin or a piece of cloth, moistened in a solution of vinegar, diluted in water (1 table spoon for half a liter of water). Vinegar must be 9%.

In order to remove the edema after a fracture,take inward infusion, consisting of chamomile, St. John's wort and valerian. You need to pour a glass of water, brought to a boil, one tablespoon of herbs, mixed evenly. Close the vessel with the solution and let it brew for 15-20 minutes, then drink. It is recommended to take this medicine several times a day.

100% method that will help to remove edema after fracture

The most effective method is to consult a doctor. We have presented to your attention just a few methods of combating edema. The doctor, depending on the individual characteristics of your body, will cure you for sure, prescribe a massage, give the necessary recommendations that will help your full recovery!

Many of the methods will also help to say goodbye to the swelling of the leg after a fracture. But before you start self-medication, it is best to consult a doctor.

The above funds are one of the mostpopular traditional medicine, which can well remove the swelling after a fracture. We wish you to get rid of edema as soon as possible. Be healthy and cheerful!

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