Swelling of the feet with diabetes mellows what to do

Diabetes is an autoimmune process. Failure in the work of all body systems: endocrine, hormonal, digestive, cardiovascular, nervous, etc. The metabolism is broken, that is, the metabolism. Edema of the feet is a consequence of a heavy load on the cardiovascular system, as well as on the kidneys. This disease affects all blood vessels: veins, capillaries. The body needs powerful antioxidants, and it is important to use an organic progesterone cream to support the body. That is, you need progesterone, which is absorbed transdermally. The oxygenation in the tissues is disturbed. In diabetes mellitus, the body receives significant support from the use of transdermal plates - Power strips. There are cases when the function of the pancreas was restored - to produce its own insulin.

Remember. that salt promotes the retention of water in the body, and this is also the cause of puffiness.

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He says that amputation is not just a word. The larch sponge (chaga - so called by ignorance) greatly reduces the level of sugar in the blood. One teaspoon is brewed with a liter of boiling water and drunk during the day as tea, that is, glasses (it is bitter). Tibetan medical monks say that she is treated for any stage of diabetes.

Find and buy can, not a deficit, not veryexpensive, but you need to search on the Internet - and write in the query in the search engine "larch chaga sponge to buy the price" or something like that - often come across Altai sites, but it does not matter, larch everywhere about the same))) And order there mumiyo , also a thing.

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