How can I remove swelling on my legs?

Mignonette Profi (660), closed 6 years ago

Marina Davlatshoeva Мудрец (13049) 6 years ago

I drank grass in a drugstore and bought cowberry leaves,on a water bath did and drank during the day, I was very helped. you know, I was tormented with hypostases, I was frightened of it even with hypnosis, but it all worked out, and still it's good to drink diluted jam from black chokeberry, it grows in our dacha, it also reduces pressure and removes swelling, and try to walk a little less and if somewhere tired legs, raise them higher, so that the outflow of fluid was. Good luck, you have very little left. Have a cranberry drink.

Mignonette Profi (660) 6 years ago

3 day I drink cranberries, super, thank you foradvice, at night times I get up in the toilet, I just feel that it becomes easier, though the obstetrician sent me to the perinatal clinic just in case, tomorrow I'll lie down for 5 days, I'll dig one more thing, thank you again for the advice! but I do not like mountain ash, but like watermelons, I know that they are diuretics.

Murmuchik the fourteenth Thinker (5402) 6 years ago

if I honestly helped nothing. And when put on the preservation prescribed euphelin for 1 tablet 3 times a day

Mignonette Profi (660) 6 years ago

Annotation of this medicine read, it says that pregnant is contraindicated, did not dare to buy.

Murmuchik the fourteenth The Thinker (5402) but in spite of this, they prescribe them in the hospital from swelling.

Natalia Guru (4211) 6 years ago

leaf brutniki, unfortunately I do not remember how to brew

Galina Gorbut Mudrets (17533) 6 years ago

I did not really help, I drank only as little as possible and that's all. To give birth, it helps a lot. )

Hope Master (1153) 6 years ago

It remains not much to give birth and then they themselves will pass.

Tatiana Ershova Thinker (6101) 6 years ago

Only if we exclude liquid from the racer

Iraida Mudrets (12193) 6 years ago

Alas nothing will help you, so that you do not drink anything will be useless, it remains only to reduce the amount of liquid drunk and wait for childbirth

Wolf berry Master (2055) 6 years ago

absolutely exclude salt, there is only allboiled, pasta and potatoes and sweet (by the way, and from it, too, swelling, no less than salty), too, to clean, and I drank such a compote: dog rose, dried apricots, prunes, cranberries, cranberries. without limit, how much I wanted, I drank so much. I, too, did not help, and eufillin, among other things. but such a diet helped. to childbirth came without edema and normal weight.

nasti sorkol Enlightened (37420) 6 years ago

Less to drink liquids and diets. as doctors say, but it did not help me. I came in kind with such edema. that the legs did not slip into slippers. but after three days as she gave birth all the swelling was gone and threw off 15 kg.

cranberry fruit helps well, at night it's better to put your feet on a pillow or something higher, so that swelling "drained", and then you will not get into shoes. Fluid and walking reduce

Squirrel Mudrets (11972) 6 years ago

I was saved only by watermelons. but they are no longer there

Elena Master (1217) 6 years ago

Cranberry mors was recommended to me by doctors,preservation was fed and dripped eupheline. In general, when you go to bed, put a pod under your feet, that they would be higher, less swelling and control the amount of fluid in the body.