What are the dangerous leg swelling in pregnancy?

At me term of 36 weeks - arms or hand, legs or foots, the face have started to swell. in general an unpleasant picture.
What are the threats of swelling?

Elena Molokova Guru (3255) 7 years ago

In addition to everything I've described, I'll add. edema leads to gestosis, and he to insufficient supply of the child with this necessary. this can lead to taim postpartum troubles, such as: problems with the skin of the baby, the tone of the legs, pens, which can develop into Bekhterev's disease; Disease of the eye (on the first examination of your baby's ophthalmologist you will be asked about the presence of edema during pregnancy). visual defects; the nervous system suffers - the result - regurgitation in the baby until vomiting; shyness, startle at any noise, sound; jerking of hands, legs, head. In general, they can swell without leaving a trace, which is rare. but can lead to consequences that will "float" a very long time after the birth of the baby (for example, Bekhterev's disease will be discovered far after birth, when it can already have development and be incurable to the end.
Be careful. better take all measures. Less liquid, bath at t 36-35C, feet in elevated position. and it may be advisable to lie down for preservation, there drippers are used to treat edema, they are good for helping.

A source: I'm a new mom

*** Desperate Housewife @ *** Enlightened (26633) 7 years ago

Thanks for the advice.
Who gave birth to? The girl (as well as showed signs)?

BTO BTO Pupil (154) 7 years ago

Theoretically, gestosis. In general, it is necessary to observe the doctor, monitor the body weight (so as not to have sudden jumps in weight). slightly reduce the intake of salt and water.

Yuriy Lenkin Profi (632) 7 years ago

Better immediately to the doctor. We reached and got on premature with complications. Do not over tighten.

Ekaterina Ivanova The Thinker (5393) 7 years ago

The kidneys do not cope with the load. To the doctor.

Secret Artificial Intelligence (865066) 7 years ago

drink a decoction of bear ears and cranberry leaf
eat cranberry jam
once a week, take a diuretic
that there was no stagnation of urine

remember that they work with increased load, walk more, sit less, lie, and support the heart
not just edemas and their cause is a serious matter of your HEALTH

Olga Babkina Oracle (65297) 7 years ago

Can pressure jump, cramps will begin,loss of consciousness. Do this. The day before the visit to the doctor unload. For example 1 kg of apples per day. On the day of the visit, do not eat or drink anything before the doctor weighs you. Change your glass to small. In a day not more than half a liter of liquid in total. Good luck!

Karishka Master (1046) 7 years ago

If the swelling is significant and does not go away after sleep,and especially if they affect the face and hands, immediately consult a doctor, as this is the first sign of gestosis (late toxicosis). dangerous to the health of both your and the baby. Other signs of this complication of pregnancy are increased blood pressure and the appearance of protein in the urine, but these indicators are observed by the therapist and midwife at regular inspections. The most severe degree of gestosis - eclampsia - is characterized by the development of convulsions against a background of high blood pressure and can be fatal for both you and the baby. Health to you with a crumb.

Anfisa Profi (685) 7 years ago

Swelling is a symptom of late toxicosis(gestosis) of pregnancy, which is manifested in addition to their increased blood pressure and changes in the urine (increased protein loss). The earlier symptoms of gestosis appear, the more dangerous for the health of mother and child. In your case, if there are no other manifestations in addition to edema, the situation is not dangerous, but it is necessary to be under constant medical supervision to notice deterioration in time. For a child, it is dangerous to have a delay in development (meaning growth and weight gain)

Margarita Ruzaikina Enlightened (49627) 7 years ago

In the worst case, life-threateningpre-eclampsia and eclampsia. Another oxygen starvation of the fetus is hypoxia. Less drink, go to the doctor, let the diuretic be prescribed, more be out in the fresh air. I have the same problem, I do not recognize myself in the mirror in the mornings.

Inga Artificial Intelligence (283438) 7 years ago

Edema can reach the brain and then - death. That is why the doctors are afraid of edema and control their appearance in every possible way. A significant increase in weight is a hidden swelling, a signal to action.
First, drink no more than a liter a day. And given that you have very little left, you can reduce to 800g. Brew a cowberry leaf in a thermos, and add to the tea instead of boiling water. Do not keep the windows closed - the heat contributes to swelling. Let the apartment be cool. Periodically take kolennoklotevuyu pose - the fruit ceases to put pressure on the kidneys, and they work better. If you do not have a serious pathology. then all these measures will help you. Good luck.

I'm flying in the mood Orakul (58501) 7 years ago

This is a big burden on the kidneys.

Yaroslav Enlightened (25040) 7 years ago

be sure to go to the doctor! if it's gestosis (by the way, the pressure may not rise). then do not resist and go into pathology to go to bed. To drink it is necessary not less than 1 liter a day, it is obligatory to measure how much has drunk for a day, all to write down. follow all the doctor's recommendations, seek information and be fully armed. This summer, when I was Caesarean girl on the 34th week. swollen so that it was terrible to look - arms, legs, face, back. Caesarea, because it was necessary to save the child, and the fruit is small, only 1800 children weighed. nursed in resuscitation. it is good that both are alive. this, of course, not everyone gets to this, but this is not the most difficult stage of gestosis! and most importantly, no self-treatment, because even the most common diuretic or herb can be harmed.

A source: personal experience, recommendations of the doctor of the department of pathology of pregnant women, maternity hospital

Anyutik Master (1218) 7 years ago

edema is an early symptom of gestosis. he is dangerous to many. this is a violation of kidney function. it is better to immediately go to the doctor and solve the problem at the very beginning, so that further the swelling is not gone. as a treatment limited to liquid and salt. still arrange unloading days (I once or twice a week sat on one buckwheat without salt, of course). health to you :)

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Anechka Beloved Mudrets (12040) 7 years ago

edemas on the hands and feet are the last to appear, and in the first swelling of the uterus and squeezes the baby, he receives little nutrients!