Pain and swelling in the legs

In most cases, swelling on the legs appearfrom fatigue and from a long work without breaks while standing. Those people who do not understand that neglecting the weight of their own body is the cause of swelling of the ankles, will have serious problems with time. Diseases of the kidney or heart in such cases, accompanying ailments.

In many print publications, periodicallypublish articles stating that high-heeled shoes and stockings with elastic bands are not recommended for medical professionals, since they squeeze their legs and do not allow blood to circulate unhindered. In any case, with the appearance of edema on the legs, you should carefully review the image of your life, diet, understand the causes of their occurrence. It is also necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe certain tests to establish the absence of serious diseases that provoke the appearance of edemas. After the examination, the doctor will appoint treatment depending on the situation and will recommend thatyou need to do to ease the condition. For example, swelling on your legs will go away if you put a pillow under your feet for the night, since in this position the blood flows from the swollen areas.

Together with drug treatment and the revision of the lifestyle and nutrition are also successfully applied Traditional medicine. Unlike medications, they have moresoft effect, do not cause side effects, and are much cheaper than modern medications. Collected a lot of folk recipes that help cope with edema. But when deciding to use folk methods for treating edema on the legs, you should always consult your doctor who will approve or reject your decision. One should also take into account such factors as individual intolerance of components of herbal medicinal preparations. If you knowingly know that a certain plant causes an allergic reaction or other unpleasant consequences, then it is better to refuse the collection in which there is such a component.

Over the years ethnoscience collected a huge number of ways and recipes. For everyone there is a suitable way. With puffiness of the legs, you can try sewing cotton bags so that they reach the knee. Should be filled with bags birch leaves and put them on the patient's legs so that the legA fairly thick layer of leaves was densely and evenly spaced. At the same time, your feet will begin to perspire strongly. After about three hours you can pour new leaves into bags if they get very wet. After several such procedures, swelling on the legs will completely stop worrying. And small swelling passes even after one procedure.

There is also a recipe on a decoction of flaxseed. Traditional treatment uses only naturalComponents. It is necessary to cook four tablespoons of seeds for 12 minutes in 1 liter of water. Next, the closed pan should be left in a warm place for 1 hour. You can add fruit juice for taste. For the right effect, you need to drink this broth every 2 hours in hot form for half a glass 7 times a day. This method of treatment will take about 3 weeks.

Traditional treatment provides for different methods and methods of treatment of illnesses. Against swellings on legs or foots advise to be twisted ongrinder washed greens and parsley roots. The mass should be put in glassware and add about two glasses of steep boiling water. Each step should be tried according to the prescription. After holding the infusion in the heat for about 8 hours, it is filtered. After that, the residue is squeezed and lemon juice is added. It turns out a cherished drink. Drink this infusion should be 1/3 cup for two days. Then you need to take a break for 3 days, and then take 2 more days to take.

In order to remove edema on the legs, folk treatment involves the use of various tinctures on alcohol. One of such national recipes offers to grind 250 grams of fresh leaves calanchoe. add a lot of vodka and insist about 2weeks. You should rub the swollen legs with this tincture before going to bed, then you can forget about pain and swelling for a long time. Another recipe says that you need to wrap the swollen legs for the night with a patch of olive oil, wax and water.

People's medicine knows a large number of effective methods of combating this disease. Following method in the fight against swelling offers to dissolve 1 kg of normal salt in fullbucket of cool water, moisten a terry towel in it and attach it to the waist. This procedure should be repeated for about 10 consecutive days, preferably before bedtime. Usually begins an abundant urination, moisture in the body becomes much less and therefore swelling quickly disappear.

With special attention and caution should be taken to edema that occur during pregnancy. Their occurrence is associated with an increase in the loadon the female body, on all its systems. If you have swelling on your legs during pregnancy, you should definitely inform the doctor about it, which, taking into account the results of the tests, will develop a certain tactic of action to eliminate them. In pregnancy, the intake of certain medicinal plants is contraindicated. For example, bearberry can be used only as part of certainfees, and not as an independent component for the preparation of medicinal infusions. Pregnant women who have edema on their feet, as an easy diuretic, you can take a collection called Nephrofit, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the kidneys, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

With edema on the legs during pregnancy, it is recommended that diet, in which a large number of differentraw vegetables and fruits, sour-milk products, cereals. It is limited while taking a liquid, it is not recommended to use salted, smoked, fatty and fried foods. In hot summer time, the feet need to be rinsed several times a day with cool water, lying more.

Edema on the legs can not be ignored, because the timely treatment is the key to their elimination!