Lymphatic edema of hands and feet

To test yourself, what are the swelling of the feet and hands,the reasons for which we will consider in this article, were in the life of any person. As a rule, this process is explained by the excess fluid in the body. Thus, in many cases, to get rid of swelling of the extremities, it is enough simply to reduce the amount of water consumed. But everything would be nothing if dehydration did not entail much more serious problems. Therefore, if you have a regular swelling of the hands and feet, the reasons for which may indicate the presence of any disease, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor to clarify the situation.

What can cause swelling?

To provoke swelling of the extremities can diseasesor pathology of internal organs. This is due to the fact that the lymphatic fluid accumulates in the tissues, thereby increasing the pressure in the capillaries. The swelling of the arms and legs, the causes of which are described below, most often can cause:

  1. Increased physical activity.
  2. Overweight.
  3. Incorrect and irregular meals.
  4. A sedentary, sedentary lifestyle.
  5. Kidney diseases.
  6. Enlarged liver.
  7. Inflammatory processes in the body caused by infection.
  8. Heart failure and other heart diseases.
  9. High blood pressure.
  10. Use in large quantities of alcohol, salty and sweet dishes.
  11. Incorrect rhythm of life, lack of sleep, overwork.
  12. Injuries, bruises, injuries.
  13. PMS (premenstrual syndrome) in women.
  14. Pregnancy.
  15. Overheating.
  16. Use of oral contraceptives.
  17. Problems in the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  18. Cellulite.
  19. The pathology of the veins (manifested especially in the morning).
  20. Diseases of the lymphatic system.
  21. Allergic reactions.
  22. Discomfort during sleep.

The swelling of the hands and feet, the causes of which were consideredabove, require serious attention. Therefore, do not let the situation run its course, but it's best to immediately seek medical help from a medical institution.

How to treat swelling of the extremities?

Treatment of this disease is carried out depending on the root cause of the appearance:

  1. If swelling is caused by a specific feature(for example, work associated with increased physical activity), then it is necessary to do a muscle warm-up, apply elastic bandages and compression dressings.
  2. In a phenomenon such as swelling of the hands and feet, the causes can be covered in the formation of blood clots in the veins. Self-medication is impossible here. Only a doctor can help.
  3. During pregnancy, the appearance of edema is a normal process, but if with it there are visual disturbances, abdominal pain, then immediately you need to go to the hospital.
  4. When swelling of the ankles, no measures should be taken, as, most likely, it is caused by excessive walking. Such edemas pass independently after a short time.

Summarizing the above, I would like to note,that if you have swollen legs and hands, you should not look for the reasons yourself, unless, of course, the day before you went around half the city and spent the whole evening in the gym. You need to trust your health to a doctor who can tell you why the extremities are swollen and how to treat them.