Swelling in front of the newborn

At the first cry of a child in his bodythere are many different events. In particular, a thin film at the exit of the tear-nasal canal is torn and, when this does not happen, it is necessary to assume a blockage of the tear duct, in which the tear accumulates in the eye. It - dacryocystitis and its main feature, besides the superfluouslachrymation - the appearance of pus when pressing on the inner soldering of the child's eyes and, as a result, constantly watering and festering eyes in the baby, swelling, bags under the eyes of the baby.

Are the eyes in the infant child getting wet and festering? Looking for reasons

This may be due to inflammatoryprocesses on the mucous membrane of the eye, due to an infection transmitted, for example, from the mother. In this case, the process when the eyes are suppurating, swelling and bags under the eyes appear in most cases in both eyes, and dacryocystitis only on one. If anti-inflammatory drops do not give an effect within a month, find out if the child has dacryocystitis.

Treatment of a diseased eye in a child

During the month you need a simple massageit is conservative to break the film counteracting the outflow of tears from the eye. For this very carefully, no more than four times a day you need to press down the inner corner of the child's eyes as if helping to move the tears from the top down, constantly dripping the child's albucid. If the monthly massage does not have an effect, they make a sounding. The procedure is complicated. An analysis is made on blood coagulation, local anesthesia is applied, the procedure is performed under a microscope, in a hospital. After that, the doctor should check if the tear goes to the nose.

Sore eyes in the baby - conjunctivitis

When tear and fester both eyes. first suspect conjunctivitis and should wash their eyes with warm boiled water and drip in the eyes anti-inflammatory drops, in the early days quite often.

Much rarer than increased lacrimation in both eyescan be caused by other diseases: with increased intraocular pressure, photophobia and spasm of the eyelids. All these problems are solved only with the help of a doctor.

If the gas is suppurating, there are always swelling, bags under the eyes of the baby. then this should be an excuse for heightened anxiety of parents and be cured within the first three months.

Response of the body to inflammation by dischargemediator of inflammation - histamine, which causes itching sensation and contributes to swelling of the tissues. Eyelids swell, bags under the eyes of the baby appear, swelling, eyes water, eyes narrowing, which leads to a disruption of the tear and the appearance of greenhouse conditions for the life of bacteria.

As it forms, pus should be removed (notapplying effort) with a cotton swab dipped in water, and then wipe the skin around the eyes with dry cotton wool. Do not use tea that does not have antibacterial properties and can cause allergies in the child.

When the amount of water in the tissues exceeds the norm, there is swelling.

Swelling around the eyes of infants

Edema around the eyes - a frequent phenomenon with severe crying, conjunctivitis and allergies to medicines, including eye drops.

Bags under the eyes of babies can appeardue to genetic causes, lack of sleep, excessive salt intake, kidney and urinary system diseases, heart disease (cardiologist decides), low hemoglobin (blood test), metabolic disorders, (endocrinologist), sinus inflammation. (ENT), conjunctivitis, or nasal congestion due to teething.

The child must receive the necessary amount of vitamins, and breathe a lot of fresh air.

And yet: look at the child, but only under the eyes there are swollen tissues, can the hands or feet be swollen?

Pinch the skin fold between the fingers. If, after releasing the fingers on the skin, pits are left on the compression site, this may be evidence of swelling, which may be the result of cardiac decompensation, hormonal imbalance, hepatic, renal, venous or lymphatic insufficiency.

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