Than to treat edemas of feet foot

Marina Zarudneva The Thinker (9652), on a vote 1 year ago

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hanter Enlightened (36834) 1 year ago

ointment with a chestnut extract. or make a rub yourself - collect the flowers of chestnut and pour in vodka for a week to cover them. rub your feet 2 times a day.

INNA UHINA Mudrets (10626) 1 year ago

Before you treat you need to find the cause of pain

Uncertain point Profi (765) 1 year ago

Very simple. You have to lie on the sofa / bed and put your feet on the wall. Keep as much as you can. Repeat throughout the day several times. And if you stand on your shoulders or on your head, you can completely get rid of varicose veins. But this is for the young and advanced.

Safonova Mudrets (13676) 1 year ago

contact a surgeon or phlebologist, in addition to external treatment, Trixevasin in capsules is used inside and not only troxevasin. You need to make blood vessels and blood tests

Lamia Young Enlightened (35987) 1 year ago

There is no vascular surgeon in any way. Tincture of the chestnut flowers on alcohol you were well advised, even from the ointments you can Lyoton 1000. But you need to consult a doctor.

rar Master (2227) 1 year ago

Now very well treat varicose veins. Without surgery, if the case is not released. Inject the injection into the diseased vein. Go to the phlebologist, if not, then to the surgeon. Lie on the couch to the top legs of course well, but it will only provide temporary relief. It is better to get rid of this problem forever.

yan onis Expert (366) 1 year ago

ask the pharmacy for ointment - ants, but it rarely happens, but not someone who has not heard, rub their feet, only without pressing, that would not injure the veins.

Zanoza Oraculus (67008) 2 weeks ago

My vein on my leg stopped hurting after I started using sea salt.