Swelling after foot liposuction

Subject to the right approach, the procedureLiposuction can be attributed to one of the safest operations with a minimum risk of complications. The main danger of liposuction can be the development of infectious complications. therefore it is necessary initially to seriously approach this procedure and carefully choose a plastic surgeon. A good specialist will minimize possible complications, while an insufficiently experienced specialist can provoke the risk of complications and even put the patient's life in danger.

Complications after the procedure of liposuction are divided into general and local.

  • Anemia. Complication is due to substantialintraoperative blood loss, often associated with reduced sensitivity of the patient's tissues to adrenaline, or due to the large amount of fat removed during surgery.
    Therefore, when planning extensive surgicalIntervention as a prophylaxis before the operation uses blood exfusion, which allows after its return at the end of the liposuction procedure not to resort to transfusion of donor blood.
  • Fat embolism. A rare complication after liposuction,In most cases, it is observed during execution together with open intervention (for example, with the plastic of the anterior abdominal wall). Symptoms of complications are observed within a day after liposuction, sometimes - for 2 - 3 days.
  • Thromboembolism. Complication is rare. At a thromboembolism of the patient it is necessary to hospitalize urgently.

  • Infections. Typical features of the infectious process are a sudden onset, rapid spread and a sharp deterioration in the general condition of the patient due to pronounced toxemia.
    For prevention of infectious complications in preparation for liposuction, the patient undergoescareful examination, only practically healthy people are admitted to the operation. Before the procedure, liposuction, the patient must take a shower. In women, a necessary condition is the absence of menstruation on the day of surgery. During the operation, the surgeon must strictly follow the rules of asepsis and antiseptics. With large amounts of liposuction as prevention, an hour before the procedure, the patient is administered antibiotics.
  • Seroma and necrosis of the skin. Quite a rare complication. It occurs, as a rule, when the liposuction is being aggressively performed, using a cannula of too large diameter with a sufficiently small thickness of the fat layer. Complication can also cause a lack of the necessary degree of compression with therapeutic linen.
  • Persistent swelling of the legs and feet. Edema can be observed with extensive liposuctionhips along their inner surface, and also at the level of the knee joint. Complication occurs due to impaired lymphatic drainage, with edema appearing at the level of the lower third of the shin, ankle and foot. Often swelling occurs within one to two months.
  • Disturbance of skin sensitivity in affected areas. Complication occurs due to traumanerve fibers and manifests itself in the form of hypoesthesia, in some cases can be combined with areas of hyperesthesia. The sensitivity of the skin is restored over time.
  • Change in skin color and scars. Due to the deposition of hemosiderin, skin pigmentation in the area of ​​liposuction can rarely develop. Pigmentation occurs several months after the operation.

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