Heart swelling of the legs causes

Edema is a pathological increase in the amountinterstitial fluid, which, as is well known, is normally two thirds of the mass of the human body. As a result, edema subcutaneous tissue, a separate organ, and sometimes even the entire body swells, increasing in volume, which in itself, in addition to the main painful process, entails dangerous disruption of functioning and in some cases is life threatening.

If the entire body begins to swell suddenly, then thisis a worrying sign - a common edema is always an extremely dangerous symptom. So in this case it is necessary not to hesitate, but immediately go to the hospital, so that immediately there began to provide urgent activities.

In the case of edemas of specific organs, this tooa thing that is heavy and very often requires urgent medical attention. True, for a simple person in this case, the term "edema" is strictly narrowly professional, because edemas of internal organs are not visible from the outside.

There are edemas that can be seen, the so-called local ones - when the legs, stomach, face or some other area familiar to us swell.

Local edema can be large and small,dense or loose, thinning the skin above yourself or making it more rough, changing color, shape and even temperature. And in all this abundance, we now try to sort out a little.

If your legs start to swell, then first of allone must think whether there is any simple explanation for this, for example, such as an incorrect posture at work, uncomfortable shoes or a prolonged stay in an upright position. These swellings are formed due to transitory difficulties with the outflow of blood. As a rule, in such cases, if the cause is eliminated, the effect is quickly eliminated.

Edema due to hormonal changes

Such swelling may appear during pregnancy orin some phases of the menstrual cycle due to impaired capillary permeability. This should be remembered for women, and if there is a similar dependence, then it is necessary to reduce the consumption of salt by at least halving the consumption of salt, which detains excess fluid in the body. But if, despite the measures taken, the intensity of edema increases - then this is still an unequivocal reason to show the doctor.

Traumatic edema formed as a result ofmechanical vascular damage, distinguish from other types of edema is easiest. A recent injury, whether it is a bruise or a sprain, leads us to think about this very reason. In addition, traumatic swelling is not uniform or symmetrical - they tend to have an irregular shape. The skin above them becomes noticeably warmer and often changes color, especially if there is a local hemorrhage (bruise). And the main criterion is soreness, which is aggravated by movement or pressure on the edema.

In case of traumatic edema, if the function of the footnot broken - you just need to hold it in peace, somehow unload - for example, walk less and, if possible, put it so that the foot is above the pelvis. Thus, we will help the veins to more effectively take away excess fluid from damaged tissues. It would be superfluous to have a vial of ice or a cold water bottle attached to a sore spot.

If the traumatic edema progresses, interferesthe normal functioning of the limb or pain increases, and indeed if it does not work for one day - it means a serious matter and you need to turn to a traumatologist at your place of residence.

Edema due to heart disease

If our heart is missing for some reasonforces, in order to fulfill the heavy mission of pumping blood through all our complex and branched vessels, somewhere, it begins to stagnate, and most often there, where it is most difficult to return to the heart - at the feet, starting from the area of ​​the feet. Excess fluid, not knowing where to go, migrates from the bloodstream into the tissues.

Heart swelling is loose, soft, pressing onthey are not painful, but leaves behind a fossa that lasts for a while. The skin above the edema, provided it lasts for a long time, becomes thin and pale. There is also a dependence of the intensity of cardiac edema development on other cardiac symptoms - dyspnea, pain in the heart, frequency and rhythm abnormalities, and also fluctuations in blood pressure. If you see this dependence, and also if the swelling starts from the feet and gradually rises to the top - then you have a direct road to the cardiologist. Well, if this process arose recently and quicklyit progresses - and it is absolutely necessary to call an ambulance, because acute heart failure is a very serious thing and requires immediate help.

Edema in kidney disease

Sometimes, the kidneys fail and refuse to workhow to. But this is a delicate and sensitive filter that regulates the composition of blood - in the pathology of the kidneys, the protein content in it falls, resulting in a decrease in the ability of the vessels to retain the liquid that eventually drains into the tissue.

In this case, swelling, as a rule, begins withparaorbital (around the eyes) area and face, then they appear on the feet, genitals, waist and abdomen. Sometimes the skin over the renal edema darkens, thinens and even cracks, losing elasticity. Muscles atrophy. In parallel, the urinary tract is disrupted (at first there is a lot of urine, and then its amount decreases sharply), fatigue sharply increases, drowsiness, pain in the kidney area.

Independently to treat a disease of the kidneys,before the appearance of edemas, is strictly not recommended. Moreover, too often it turns out that the kidneys suffer from another serious disease - for example, diabetes mellitus or systemic lupus erythematosus. so if there is a problem of edemas of kidney genesis, do not hesitate, but immediately contact the nephrologist.

This kind of edema is allergic in nature. It arises abruptly and quickly, sometimes starting with one or more small blisters. Itching, as a rule, is absent, but sometimes it does happen. Skin color does not change, but there is a slight reddening or, conversely, pallor. Pains, as a rule, no. The skin around the edema is dense. Typical localization - eyelids, lips, cheeks, sometimes feet or hands. In parallel, allergic scalping blisters can appear on other parts of the body.

The disease is named after the German physician Heinrich Quincke. first described it in 1882.

In case of edema Quincke should immediatelytake something antiallergic and go to the emergency room, because this condition, for all its harmlessness, in case of progress, can give a laryngeal edema that immediately draws with it tangible problems with breathing. Therefore, even if the edema of Quincke passed by itself (which often happens) - it is absolutely necessary to be examined.

Edema in vascular diseases

The blood flows through our blood vessels. The arteries carry it to the organs, the veins from them, and there is also a system of lymphatic vessels that collects excesses from the intercellular space.

If the edema is warm, reddish, provoked,for example, by radiculitis or overheating, they could cause an arterial failure, having excessively expanded as a result of an external stimulus, and having crushed several times the greater volume of blood supplied to the capillaries. As a rule, this kind of edema is eliminated along with the cause, but if this is often repeated - it is necessary to consult a doctor.

If the edema is cold, accompanied by a cleara feeling of swelling of the legs, fatigue, the desire to lie down and massage them - then, most likely we have problems with the outflow of blood through the veins. This can be a consequence of both a banal walk on high heels, and a more serious reason, such as varicose veins of the lower extremities. If varicose veins are exposed, then they can be seen easily - blue, covered with tubercles, swollen vessels immediately under the skin. If the varicose veins are deep, the manifestation of the disease at first will be limited only by edema and the mentioned complaints, but this is even more serious because of the secrecy of the existing problem.

If the edema is acute, in its place and above there is a sharp, sometimes throbbing, bursting pain, if the temperature rises, then a venous thrombus may appear.

Lymphatic edema, if they are notCongenital, as a rule, asymmetric and soft, appear spontaneously appear and disappear. The skin gradually coarsens, sometimes the lymph nodes under the knee and in the groin can increase.

Vascular system problems and swellingbecause of her defeat, surgeons are engaged, so feel free to contact them, and in case of suspicion of a thrombus - immediately, because in this case, if the treatment is not timely, you can lose the limb.

When edema is accompanied by multiple smallhemorrhages - most likely, there is a systemic process, affecting primarily the capillaries. If you see a similar picture, if the temperature rises or somehow worsens the state of health, immediately call for an ambulance - a capillarotoxicosis or systemic hemorrhagic vasculitis, manifested in this way, can be very dangerous.

Edema due to liver disease

The hepatic edema is localized on the abdomen,accompanied by the appearance on its surface of overcrowded, often injured varicose veins, a picture of which the doctors of antiquity called "the head of the jellyfish" because of some similarity with the mythological Medusa Gorgon. The limbs become thinner, which makes the body look like a frog. The stomach is full of water - heavy, swaying. The amount of liquid inside it can reach 25 liters. This condition is called ascites.

Medusa is a mythical monster whose head, instead of hair, is covered with wriggling snakes.

If you see yourself or someone fromrelatives of a similar picture - immediately consult a gastroenterologist, let it be engaged in intensive therapy, before it's too late, because if the liver disease has reached ascites, then it has gone very far, and there is an immediate threat to life.

In principle, these are all the most common causes of edema. Naturally, there are more, but fortunately, they are much more rare.

Let's try to sum up. Edema, wherever it is, if not affected by trauma, pregnancy or menstruation, requires a medical examination, often very thorough and profound. Therefore, we hope that our brief excursion into the world of edemas will help you realize the seriousness of the problem, and in case of its occurrence, it is quickly to orient and understand who should be addressed first.

Unfortunately. edema is never a purely cosmetic defect. Keep this in mind.

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