Swelling of the feet with osteochondrosis

Puffiness of the feet is a relatively frequentproblems, especially in women. If this phenomenon is observed from time to time, the reasons for its occurrence can be quite harmless, for example, taking excessive amounts of liquid, incorrect shoes with high heels and so on. However, if it is of a regular nature, it is worthwhile to see a doctor to determine the exact cause of the phenomenon.

It should be said that swelling on the legs area symptom of a huge number of diseases and timely diagnosis will help not only to get rid of them and to improve the body's functioning, but in some cases to save a person's life (if the patient has acute thrombosis and other dangerous ailments).

The main reasons for the appearance of various types of edema of legs are:

- incorrectly selected shoes (optimal for socks from the point of view of orthopedists is considered a spacious footwear that does not hinder movement, for women a heel 3-4 cm high is permissible);
- the presence of kidney pathologies in the body, with edema evenly spreading to both limbs and is accompanied by the appearance of blue under the eyes, swelling of the eyelids and a change in the color of urine;
- Bowel disease (accompanying symptoms in this case there is diarrhea and urination disorders);
- Varicose veins, leading toviolation of blood outflow and increased hydrostatic pressure in the veins (in the course of this disease, swelling may initially be subtle and increase with time);
- problems with the thyroid gland, often such swelling can be determined by the appearance of pits when pressing on the lower parts of the shin;
- heart disease, kidney, liver, hormonal disorders;
- development of thrombophlebitis accompanied by fever, pain and redness in affected areas;
- due to the violation of the outflow of lymphatic fluid to the vessels.

Despite such a wide variety of reasonsedema of the legs, most often they signal the appearance of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, arthrosis, flat feet, polyarthritis, various rheumatological diseases and others) in a person. In order to take timely measures to eliminate the cause of swelling in the extremities, you should consult a qualified neurologist who works at the Clinic for a healthy spine and joints. Specialists of this medical institution use only proven methods of treatment for years, which will certainly help to cope with the cause of the appearance of this unpleasant symptom in you.

After the examination by a doctor to identify the exact cause of edema in the legs, patients can be directed to:

- general blood analysis;
- analysis of the coagulation system;
- a study on the content of hormones in the blood;
- UZD of the arteries and veins of the lower extremities;
- Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space and small pelvis;
- Chest x-ray;
- electrocardiogram.

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