How to cure feet swelling

Many people suffer from the fact that their feet and handsperiodically become wadded with swelling. The reasons for this phenomenon can be a great many, but in our article we will not consider them. We will be concerned about how to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, following the path of least resistance. So, how to treat edema on the legs and hands, and how to get rid of eye swelling?

Treatment of edema on the legs

Swelling on the legs brings a lot of anxiety, soas are usually accompanied by a weight in the body, shortness of breath and high blood pressure. Usually the swelling of the legs suggests that the human body is sick, so it is important to find the causes of the disease and start treatment. In this case, the diseases can be very diverse - from varicose veins to kidney, heart and thyroid gland diseases. So, how to treat swollen legs? In order to cure edema on the legs, you need to try the following methods:

  1. Reduce the intake of daily intake of salt, salty foods and water. It has long been known that salt retains water in the body, and excess water will contribute to even more swelling of the tissues.
  2. Drink herbal teas with mint, jasmine, cranberry, lemon and cowberry. These natural natural components are considered diuretics, and therefore, will remove excess fluid from the body.
  3. Do not wear shoes with high heels, do not goat home in slippers, do not wear tight pantyhose movements, do not stay in a standing position for long, and try to take home at a position where your legs are above the waist. Remember, if you have a predisposition to the fact that in the near future you (for example, like your parents) will be tormented by swelling of the legs, than to treat it, it is better to try to prevent.
  4. Be sure to add to your diet suchdiuretic and blood thinning products, like garlic, raw cabbage, raspberries, onions, eggplants, cucumbers, dill, carrots, watermelons, parsley, beetroot. Drink pumpkin and carrot juice. Do not forget that natural vegetables always contribute to the best work of the body as a whole.
  5. Do exercises, as well as special massage forfeet. This will help restore normal circulation of blood, especially to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, as well as those whose work is related to work at the counter.
  6. Make compresses and foot baths. So, you can make an excellent compress of 300 ml of ordinary water with the addition of 150 g of vodka and 1 tablespoon of salt - soak the bandage in it, attach to the swelling and remove after 3 hours. From the baths, you can try an ordinary 5-liter container with warm water with 200 ml of apple cider vinegar - keep the feet in it for about half an hour, and then do not wipe your feet when the feet dry.

Treatment of edema in the hands

The swelling on the hands can be caused by the samecauses, as swelling on the legs. The only difference is that the load on the hands is usually less than the load on the legs, so a number of diseases that contribute to edema in the hands are much less. Edema of the hands can be associated with endocrine pathologies, kidney disease, and in women can be associated with pregnancy. In any case, an accurate diagnosis of the disease, because of which you have swelling, can only put an osteopath. There are the following ways to treat edema on the hands:

  1. Be sure to drink a variety of phyto- and diureticsteas, which will facilitate the removal of fluid from the extremities. Eat in the morning buckwheat porridge with yogurt - buckwheat has an excellent diuretic effect.
  2. If you have terrible swelling, treatment with folkmeans can also help: put on your hands bags of dense fabric with birch leaves. Change the leaves every 3 hours, as your hands will sweat profusely, removing water from the tissues.
  3. Make compresses of sea salt on the lower back. Dissolve in a bucket of cold water 1 kg of sea salt, you need to moisten the towel in it and squeeze it, put it to the waist. As soon as the towel becomes warm, it is necessary to repeat the procedure. The effectiveness of this method is achieved by repeating this action tenfold, as after this will begin profuse urination, and, therefore, excess water will leave the tissues of the extremities. You can also take a hot bath with sea salt, which will further strengthen the diuretic effect.
  4. Try to drink a decoction of flax seeds - it not only excels the water perfectly from the body, but also helps to cleanse of various slags, and also normalizes the metabolism.
  5. With severe swelling, theto all fours, at which the load on the kidneys decreases, which contributes to the rapid escape of water from the body. This procedure is recommended for all pregnant women suffering from severe swelling in the second half of pregnancy. Healthy people need to stand on all fours for about 5-10 minutes several times with a break to the toilet.

Usually swelling of the eyes can signal that,that you have diseased kidneys or a heart, that you drank too much at night (like water and alcohol), and also that you do not get enough sleep and overwork. Swelling of the eyes can be a consequence of malnutrition, abuse of alcoholic beverages, overwork. So, than to treat swelling of the eyes?

  1. The most basic thing you can do isput on the eyes lotions of cotton swabs, soaked in various herbal infusions. In particular, you can brew sage, chamomile, parsley, dill and even birch leaves!
  2. Perfectly fight with eye swelling helpsfreshly squeezed potato juice. Simply peel the potatoes, grate it on the grater and squeeze the juice through the gauze, into which you put a cotton swab and put on the eyes or the whole face.
  3. If you do not have time, and get rid ofedema around the eyes is necessary, then you can wipe the skin around the eyes with small pieces of ice, or hold in your eyes about 10 minutes of cotton swabs, soaked in ordinary tea.
  4. Make masks from pumpkins, cucumbers and dill withsour cream. Such masks are made elementary: vegetables are crushed and put on the face for half an hour, and then washed off with water. You will not only get rid of eye swelling, but also make your face skin velvety and supple.

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