Edema after salty

Allergy is seen in your herring

and then water can drink a lot. kidneys can not cope

It's probably because of the water. A lot of water after a salty drink

If a piece of herring a liter of beer, then swelling is guaranteed.

Herring is salty, therefore it detains fluid in the body. If there are severe swelling, the kidneys probably do not work very well. It is necessary to limit salty. It is better to see a doctor.

At me from eating a herring or a salted fish the pressure always raises - the reason is that salt detains a liquid in an organism, especially if with kidneys disorder

In general, do not buy, if such a thing - that the other food is tastier and more useful not to think of?

And without it in any way?

Salt leads to fluid retention, plus you want to drink after the fish, that's the lymphatic flow and slows down. Lymphatic drainage massage, try. Or do not eat herring)))

In fact, you need to drink a lot. The body begins to store water and swelling begins when the body lacks water. You need to drink at the rate of 30-40 ml per kg of weight.

It is necessary to drink struktruirovannuyu water 30ml multiplied by your weight get to drink a day. From dehydration your kidneys, the liver do not work.