Swelling of the legs during pregnancy what to do

Beautiful and healthy legs during pregnancy -it's true? But what about swelling, convulsions and veins on your legs? Yes, during pregnancy, a lot of stress falls on the legs, except for the weight of the future mother, you need to wear and growing day by day the baby. However, the health of the legs can be taken care of in advance, avoiding edema and calluses.

Causes of leg swelling in pregnancy

Mothers need water. And it needs more than before pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the woman's blood volume increases, which in turn should not be thick. In addition, with each month of pregnancy amniotic fluid becomes more. Because of hormonal adjustment, the future mother is also thirsty.

If a pregnant woman drinks a lot of water and consumes fried and salty foods, thenincreases the likelihood of edema on the legs. Although it is believed that these swelling is not a pathology, and therefore, neither the future mother, nor the child will not be harmed. To get rid of them, you need to rest, lying on your side, drink an easy diuretic tea and eat less salt food.

In general, swelling during pregnancy is due to three reasons :

  • so manifested gestosis,
  • varicose disease
  • or they indicate an exacerbation of a chronic disease (usually from the kidneys or the cardiovascular system).

If swelling is caused by exacerbation of chronicdisease. then the doctor will prescribe drugs from this pathology, which are allowed to future mothers. In difficult cases, when it comes to the threat of a woman's life (for example, in an anomaly of heart development leading to heart failure), pregnancy is interrupted regardless of the term.

Edemas that appear as a result of varicose veinsdisease. not considered a complex pathology. They do not require any complicated treatment. A pregnant woman is recommended to rest, lifting her legs. And also use special creams with hazel or horse chestnut.

If swelling is caused by gestosis. then the doctor will prescribe his treatment. But it will be effective only in conjunction with a proper diet.

What should I do if my legs swell during pregnancy?

  • Most often, with the appearance of swelling, doctors recommendExclude salted, smoked and fried foods, as well as control the use of liquid. If edema is associated with varicose veins, then water can not be limited.
  • Sometimes prescribed diuretic (leaf)cranberries, bearberry), but since they wash potassium out of the body, it must be replenished. To do this, apply certain drugs or adjust the diet.
  • If you notice a vascular network on your legs,felt a burning sensation or pain in the legs, it is better to hurry to see a doctor right away. And to prevent leg diseases and make the vessels more durable, you should saturate your diet with vitamins. Give preference to products rich in vitamins C and P: green onions, raw and sauerkraut, sea-buckthorn, tomatoes, buckwheat, green tea, plum, grapes, dog rose, chokeberry, black currant.
  • Relieve fatigue and swelling of the feet during pregnancywill help easy exercises. For example, several times stand on your toes and return to the starting position. Or lie down on the bed and raise your legs, resting them against the wall, lying down for a few minutes, the blood from your legs will pour and relief will not keep you waiting.

And you can pamper your legs by making herbal bath or adding sea salt and finishspa-procedures with massage. With gentle stroking movements, move from bottom to top: from the foot along the shin to the knees, from the knees to the hips. Before this procedure, be sure to consult a doctor!

Do not forget to rest your feet, especiallyget tired during pregnancy, when the tummy grows day by day, adding weight to the mother. Lay down on a sofa or a bed and place your legs slightly above the body at 10-15cm; you can just put a pillow under your feet. Resting thus the legs will not appear in the morning as "lead".

Some future mothers associate the appearanceswelling of the legs during pregnancy with excess fluid and drastically reduce fluid intake. This is a wrong step. The body requires water, you do not give it, and it begins to retain fluid, so there are swelling. According to the recommendations of specialists, a pregnant woman should drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid per day.

And the last warning for lovers of self-treatment. All kinds of diuretics for reducing leg edema should be used only as prescribed by a doctor!

A couple of lines of personal experience. I was not bothered with swelling during pregnancy, probably because it was in the winter. Only in the middle or at the end of the third trimester, minor swelling was on the legs and hands (the doctor recommended that the wedding ring be removed). But against the background of good results of the tests, no treatment was prescribed for me, and as such the problem of edema did not bother me.

Easy massage is all that I helped myfeet. But the familiar girls, whose last months of pregnancy fell at summer time, when there was a terrible heat, were tormented by the problem of swelling of the legs and they even had a special treatment.