Edema of the optic nerve treatment folk remedies

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In development atrophy of the optic nerve a large role is played by edema nervous tissue, compression, impaired blood supply and nutrition nervous tissue.

Often atrophy of the optic nerve develops when the central nervous system, trauma of the skull, tumors, multiple sclerosis, brain abscesses, encephalitis, syphilis, intoxications, alcohol poisoning with methyl alcohol, etc.

Is complete and partial atrophy of the optic nerve.

Folk remedies for the treatment of optic atrophy

  • Take 100 pieces of small immature pine cones,25 g grass rue in blossoming condition and 1 lemon (cut into 4 parts), pour in 2.5 liters of water, add half a cup of sugar and cook for 30 minutes. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times daily before meals. The course of treatment is 25-30 days.
  • Take 3 tbsp. spoon the roots of mallow forest and burdock large and boil in 1.6 liters of water 30 minutes, then add 4 tbsp. spoon collection of the following composition: 80 g grass clover, 60 grams of lemon balm, 40 grams of spring blossom flowers and another cook for 10 minutes, then strain. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day before meals 30-40 days. The course of treatment should be repeated after 2 weeks.

In the treatment of retinal diseases. caused by arterial hypertension,essential help will be the plants of antihypertensive action: grass of Astragalus woollyflower, small vinca, fruit and flowers of hawthorn blood-red, fruits of ashberry, rhizome and root of Baikal skullcap, Dahurian klopogon, large-flowered magnolia leaves, weed grass.

Blueberries is also extremely useful for the eyes. It is rich in vitamins, contains pigment anthocyanoside, which positively influences the function of the visual apparatus.

In order to take full advantage of themiraculous properties of blueberries, in summer it is necessary to prepare blueberries for future use in a mixture with granulated sugar (1.2 kg of sugar per 1 kg of freshly picked berries). This mixture should be stored in the refrigerator, take 50 g daily for a month twice a year to improve visual acuity. Simultaneously with blueberries should take 1 tsp of flower pollen.

In dystrophic processes in the retina, especiallythose that occur against the background of a hypotonic state, one should use tincture of Chinese magnolia vine, rhizome and roots of zamanichi, levzea, aralia, ginseng, eleutherococcus, fruits of sea-buckthorn with pollen.

Plants that have an antisclerotic effect

With partial atrophy of the optic nerve. as well as in senile dystrophic processesit is advisable to use plants that have anti-sclerotic effect - orange, cherry, fruit and flowers of hawthorn blood-red, rhizome of Diosco-rhea caucasian, cabbage, corn, sea cabbage, dandelion medicinal, ashberry, onion, garlic, hips, wild strawberry, buckwheat, soy.

It is known that carrot seed is rich in carotene(provitamin A), group B vitamins, vitamin D and contains a significant amount of microelements. It improves eyesight, increases the body's defenses. Carrots are best taken in grated form, adding honey. Significantly increase the use of carrots the addition of honey and pollen (rejuvenation) or the reception of carrot juice with honey and pollen (half a cup of juice with 0.5 teaspoons of honey and 0.5 tsp of pollen) 1 time per day for a month.

Beetroot garden thanks to the contenta significant amount of zinc helps to increase not only the tone of the body as a whole, but also the view in particular. The best option for taking beets is its juice, sweetened with honey with a small amount of pollen, which should be added to the juice beforehand so that the pollen envelope swells. Beets can be taken on an empty stomach in raw or in boiled form with the addition of a small amount of bee honey per piece.

With stagnant phenomena in the area of ​​optic discs, retinal edema is useful to use medicinal plants that have a diuretic effect.

Herbs that help with hemorrhage in the tissues of the eyeball

With a hemorrhage in the eyeball tissue is goodhelp herbs that have a hemostatic effect: herb pochechuynogo grass, mountaineer bird, nettle nettle, horsetail, yarrow, corn bark. It is also useful reception of royal jelly with honey (1. 100 and 1. 50).

If you are inclined to thrombosis, plants that reduce blood clotting, for example horse horse chestnut extract, sweetgrass infusion in combination with pollen and propolis extract, will help.

  • It is necessary to take a few mustaches and young leavesgolden mustache, put them in the refrigerator for 10 days, wrapped in a linen napkin. Then knead the raw material with your hands and mix the resulting gruel with an equal amount of natural honey. Place the mixture in a glass or porcelain dish for 3 weeks. Then squeeze through 2-3 layers of gauze and the resulting liquid to stand in the refrigerator for 5 days.

Take half the dining room (wooden) spoon 2 times a day for a month. Then take a 10-day break and repeat the treatment. Such courses can be conducted 3-4 times a year.

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  • Take equal the mustache and leaves of the golden mustache,chop with a wooden knife, fill the bottle to half, add half a cup of sugar, tie the neck with gauze. After 3 days add the bottle to the top of the vodka, after 3 days strain and wring out. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day for 30-40 minutes before meals.
  • With age-related retinal degeneration, it is usefultake 3 times a day for half a teaspoon of royal jelly with honey, prepared in a ratio of 1. 50 (keep in your mouth until complete resorption), and 1 teaspoon of pollen. The course of treatment is 3-6 weeks. After a ten-day break, treatment can be repeated.
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    How to get rid of glasses before old age?

    • Never read in poor light, especially if the text is printed in small print.
    • Do not strain your eyes in bright sunlight that falls on a book, or when the sun shines directly into your face.
    • Do not watch TV without looking up from the screen, change the focus more often, turning your eyes to foreign objects or looking at the foreground and the background of the picture.
    • While working at the computer, try to do other work in breaks, requiring eye strain, to change the focus of the eye more frequently, looking at the ceiling, walls, window, etc.
    • During the day, several times, cover the eyes with palms.
    • Do not get carried away by dark glasses. Wear them only in very bright light (on a sunny winter day, on the beach, etc.).
    • Do not forget to make sunbathing for the eyes: close your eyes, turn your face to the sun for a few minutes, slowly rotate your head from side to side. Then turn away and blink a few times quickly.
    • In case of inflammation or tired eyes, wash them with a weak solution of boric acid or with cold tea.
    • Gymnastics for enhancing visual acuity. Do it 1-2 times a day for 3-5 minutes.
    • A few seconds to focus the vision on close subjects, then - immediately on the distant.
    • Rotate your eyes then one way, then the other.

    From natural preparations to use spirittincture of fruits and seeds of Schisandra. Take it for 20-30 drops. You can also drink powder from the dried fruit of the Schisandra seeds 0.5 g for 15-20 minutes before meals 2-3 times a day. The course is not limited.

    When overwork of the eye. redness of the eyelids helps vitamin A deficiencywhich is supplemented by the use of carrots, cabbage, egg yolks, apples, dairy products, parsley, radish. It is useful to wash your eyes with chamomile or dill. It is best to make from the indicated infusions cool lotions for 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, apply a moisturizing cream to the eyelid skin.

    Exercises of eye muscle training

    1. Raise your eyes up and down. Repeat 3 times, pause and close your eyes. Then open and repeat the exercise 6-10 times.
    2. Look up, then straight down 3 times. Pause - close your eyes. Repeat 6-8 times.
    3. To look to the right, to the left 3 times. Pause - close your eyes. Repeat 6-8 times.
    4. Drive your eyes diagonally: up-right, down-left. Pause - close your eyes. Repeat 4-6 times.
    5. Change the direction of view in the previous exercise: down-right, up-left, etc.
    6. Rotate the pupils in a circle, first in one direction, then in the other. Repeat 4-6 times.
    7. Change the focal length: look at the tip of the nose, then into the distance. Make 4-6 times.
    8. A few seconds to look intently, without blinking, without tension in front of him.
    9. Closure stronger eyelids. Then often they blink. Again, blink and blink a few times, etc. Perform for 12-30 seconds.

    Super exercise of eye muscle training

    Hold a pencil in your outstretched hand, concentratinghe looks at it. Slowly draw the pencil to the nose, not looking away. Then slowly pull out your hand again. With the help of such exercises, you can increase the ability to focus your vision so that you will not need glasses in the future. The value of this method is evidenced by the people to whom he helped.