How to remove leg edema after a flight

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Probably many people know this situation, thatin the evening returning home, and, trying to remove the rings from the fingers - we notice that it is very difficult to do this. And what are the edema on your feet when your favorite shoes do not fit. And edema under the eyes, ... a puffy face. How many troubles bring us so much unwanted edema. Sick kidneys, liver, heart - all this causes swelling. How to deal with it? How not to let her spoil our mood, our health and, of course, our beauty. Gennady Petrovich, how do we call our today's program?
GM: "Remove the edema."

Today is thirteenth of April, Tuesday
- 28-29 lunar day. Be modest today, but be benevolent. Maintain an upbeat mood. Control your own emotions. Limit physical activity by charging or walking. During the day, eat fresh salads or stewed vegetables. Wear light-colored clothing. Avoid red and black.

Gennady Petrovich, where do we begin today? What exercise will you recommend to us?

GM: I think the exercise is very good for the neck and for the spine.
An exercise :
We make a step forward, slightly bend the legs, slightly tilt the body forward. And we start the whole body "to dive" and "to come up". Then we change our legs and repeat this diving.

Valentina turned to us for help.Miryasheva from Kostroma. Here are lines from her letter: "I never complained about my health, I worked hard, I liked to dress beautifully, ... I always watched me, I wore high-heeled shoes. I would like to remain beautiful in my no longer young years, but prevent health problems. " Today the author of these lines Valentina Miryasheva is our guest, meet.
Valentina Panteleevna, what problems did you face? What prevents you from feeling beautiful and healthy?

- beautiful and healthy - this is the edema that is under the eyes. And up to the point that someone does not know me - they think that I do drink.

- No, not always. This is the last 10 years, ... and they are somehow stronger.

And where did you come from?

- I have just arrived from Kostroma. I live in Kostroma for 10 years.

And, that is, before that you lived elsewhere?

- In general, my biography is the geography of the USSR.

And tell me why? A military man or a profession like that?

- No, this is my romantic nature.

So, well, it's already nice. So you have something to remember in this life.

- there is something to remember, yes. I want to say that I was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1941, and in 1944 my parents were killed. And my grandmother ... my mother's mother ... from Kyrgyzstan I was taken to the Saratov region to my father's parents. This is the family: grandfather, grandmother, aunt.

That is, you lived in a family with relatives, but not with your parents?

- but not with the parents. So in life happened. But I'm grateful to them.

But this, what kind of picture?

- and this is a photograph in my student years, when I was engaged in cycling. And right up to what was even at the republican competitions.

It's amazing, and who did you work for? This is what we see in the photograph - the school?

- I worked as a physics teacher for 37 years.

And this is what - picking cotton, in my opinion?

- Yes, it's picking cotton. I lived and worked for 10 years in Uzbekistan. I'm there, in the background, and these are my students.

Tell me, please, Valentina Panteleevna, but your personal life - how was it arranged?

- and in any way. But I do not blame anyone, I just did not have the intelligence to choose a normal companion in my life.

That is did not develop.

- Yes, it did not. Well, work, work, work ...

- No, there is a daughter, there is a granddaughter.

Well, then, a lot has happened. Love your girls?

Tell me, please, here we listened to you - really geography is huge. Both Uzbekistan and Saratov.

- 10 years of Uzbekistan, and from there waved to Sakhalin.

And on Sakhalin long lived?

- 24 years. And maybe I would still live, but if there was an earthquake in 1995 - life changed completely ... and we had to leave.

Is this the picture after the earthquake? Is this your home?

- it's scary, it's scary ... when the walls of the house are running, people run out, what's there, spend the night on the street.

I see that even now you are directly shaking.

- Well, it's impossible.

Tell me, does your heart worry?

- so from that moment my heart started to worry me. This is understood, before the eyes of this destruction, it killed the best friends, students.

So the edema is clear, from where, the heart.

- you know, these are coffins, coffins, ... burials.

No, no, we will not talk about this now. We will now talk about another, how to improve your health.

- OK. And that's why I ask you to help me in order to improve my health.

Required. Gennady Petrovich, your first recommendations. Look how much our hero survived.

GM: Well, of course, Valentina Panteleevna, you experiencedOf course very, very much. Experience primarily affects the work of the heart. We will help you, we will advise you. And here's the first thing I want to say - this person should understand whether he has edema, a tendency to edemas. 5 simple rules, which each person would determine. First, if you have rings at the end of the day are difficult to remove.

- I do not wear any more, although I did. I have from different stones, ... I do not wear.

GM: Well, that is the first sign you have, right? The second sign is when it's hard to shoe your shoes in the evening, especially your favorite ones, right? It happens this?

- Yes, it happens, ... and often happens. It is difficult.

GM: The third sign - it's from the rubber bands remain dents, traces.

GM: Suppose someone wears socks, ... then took off, and the trace was left of the rubber.
Here is another such edema, for no apparent reason. Here somehow the person especially does not eat, and the weight somehow is typed, typed and typed.

- Yes, I have gained 20 kg in recent years.

GM: And so it's just typed is nothing like extra water. The heart and the kidney can not cope with this.
And, you know, the fifth. Now if you take a leg, let's say. Press your finger well, and hold it for a while. Then we let go, and if we have a dent that goes on for a long time, it all says that the body accumulates absolutely unnecessary water, which causes a number of painful phenomena.
How to deal with this business? Valentina Panteleevna, you see here we have various berries: cranberries, dog-rose, hawthorn. Just these berries support the work of the heart. Do you know how we act?
We take a pinch or a tablespoon of fruit with youhawthorn, a pinch of mountain ash of red, a handful of wild rose. It's good to take the viburnum, dried apricots. Dried apricots just support the work of the heart. We add raisins here, and pour a liter of boiling water. Insists for the night. And during the day we drink it like regular tea. It turns out great.
But now, Valentina Panteleyevna, appearedyoung needles - this is what we need. We'll make a brewer from the needles. We take about 5 tablespoons, and any needles (spruce, pine, fir) will do. And pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. This is best done at night. Fill, insist, and drink half a glass 4-5 times a day.
An exercise :
And you know, in order to strengthen the heart - take,... when the weak heart is weak, our hands are weak, and in particular the little fingers. And with effort begin to squeeze and unclench fingers. That's how it works, and the heart begins to contract with you. This exercise should be done for at least 10 minutes. We took 2 minutes - rested, then another 2 minutes. So that a minute or ten a day would come out.

Our next heroine is ready to help Valentina Panteleevna. Meet, at us today in studio the national actress of Russia, Larissa Kurdyumova.
Larisa Alexeevna, Valentinina Panteleevna edemas. Do you know this situation?

- I think that even such a healthy person is familiar with this situation. We sometimes drive a lot on the train, sometimes we do big flights.

- sitting, when we are not moving. And one day I just opened it for myself, ... it seemed to me that I was a pioneer. After the next flight, we arrived, ... legs like an elephant, eyes like a Wii - and in the evening a concert. And I just instinctively did it. I lay down on the rug in the hotel, and began to shake hands and feet. It turned out that this is in the eastern practices this exercise, and it is called "Pose of the inverted beetle."

GM: I will show that it was clear. Maybe let's all do it together.

- just lay down, raise arms and legs and start shaking them.

How does Valentina Panteleevna feel?

Valentina, you know, it seemed to become easier.

- I do this every day, at least a minute ... and there are no swelling.

Larisa Alekseevna, I know that in addition to this wonderful exercise you have prepared another recipe for edema. Tell us, can you show us at the table?

- Yes. There is still an infusion that is done very simply.
2 tablespoons Flax seed is poured with 0.5 liters of cold water. Then boiled for 15 minutes, and at the end is covered with a lid, and put in a dark place. After he was infused - add 1 tablespoon. lemon juice. This infusion is very pleasant to the taste, and it is fashionable to drink it in half a cup during the day for one week. You know, too, edemas leave our body.

I want to invite a specialist to our conversation. At us today on a visit the doctor-therapist, Irina Koloskova. Tell me, please, here are the recipes that sounded here - did you like it?

- means, these recipes are simply amazing, just wonderful. We know that at such a respectable age as our heroine is the cause of edemas ... it is multifaceted.

By the way, how to distinguish between edemas, by what signs? What heart, what kidneys?

- Well, look, if we have edemas, we ... wewe get up in the morning, and we have swelling on our face, under our eyes, on our hands - most likely these swelling, if they pass by evening, it can carry a kidney component. And the component of the thyroid gland disease, because the metabolism decreases, the tone of the vessels changes.
If we have swelling more in the evening, thenthere is we get up - the feet are neat in the morning, the hands are neat, and in the evening it is impossible to shoe the shoes, or it is impossible to put the ring on, the hands are swollen - this is most likely the heart, the so-called edema. But the cause of cardiac edema can be various vices, and the most banal, which is common in all - the usual pressure.
If, for example, we have swelling of the legspain in the legs, or a decrease in the sensation of the sensation, that is, edemas, are cold, then, most likely we are dealing with so-called diseases of the veins and lymph. That is, lymph is suffering in us, and varicose problems.

Our next heroine also asked our editors to help her friend. Meet, we have today in the studio Marina Kleshcheva.
Marina Borisovna, tell us what happened to your friend.

- She has been sitting in a wheelchair for 5 months.

5 months already sitting in a stroller? And before that, how was her health?

- Well, she would never have been skinny, with weight.

Well, Gennady Petrovich, I think it's time to invite Marina's friend. Come, Nadezhda Galkina is visiting us today.
Here we already know that you are 5 months riveted to a chair. And what preceded this, tell us? What problems were with health, when did they start?

- Well, with health, it has always been as if not very much. And that that hurted or was ill; was sick, and not that that did not hurt or be ill; be sick.

Did not pay attention to this?

- Yes, it hurts, well, okay.

Tell me, but the photo that we see - this beauty in a veil, it's you?

- I'm getting married.

That is, at the age you were getting married, there were no swelling, no health problems?

- Yes, at 16 ...

You are 16 years old married?

- Yes, I have been married since I was 16 years old.

A worthy person was?

- was, of course, not.

So you broke up?

- Yes, I have endured for 8 years ... well, a man was drinking.

But on the photo your son?

- Yes, here he is 5 years old.

And how old was the boy when they broke up?

- 6 years, ... the son in the hall is present.

Please tell me, did you raise your son alone?

- No, I immediately married. And as they say, this marriage is quite successful. Here we have been married for 24 years.

You have good relations.

- Yes, ... all my life I'm not that some kind of abusive word, and even the foul word "fool" I did not hear from him.

So you are lucky, by the way. You know, for the sake of your son and husband, you must take care of yourself and fix everything. But, with respect to food, how do you consider yourself to be an advanced person or still dissolving, ... eat what you want?

Well, it's a sin, what to do.

- fatty not so.

And meat to fry, fried here.

- Well, fried like that.

- Well, I eat, it happens. It's not at all vykinesh.

But you want to get back on your feet, and feel healthy?

- it would be desirable, it would be desirable, ... It is difficult.

Gennady Petrovich, you can give some advice, help. Well, what does it mean difficult? Since there was a road to such a state, then there is a way back.

GM: Nadezhda Vladimirovna, you know, I heard thatYou eat - so I would advise you to other products - vegetable, which would contribute to the removal of water from the body. Now I'll show you the first recipe.
We take onion, 2 pieces of medium size. We cut them with rings, fall asleep with sugar, ... leave for the night. We get a syrup. And this syrup we will be with you on the next day to drink 2 tablespoons. spoons. It is sweet, and at the same time it will act as a diuretic.
Another kind of foot massage with ausing shungite crumbs. Nadezhda Vladimirovna, look - this is rubble shungite. You understand, and you start to stamp for about 5 minutes to start. Hence, this mineral possesses a tremendous power, which will be transmitted to the body. And swelling will go away.

I want to invite the next hero to our studio. He is not a doctor, not a doctor - he is a sculptor. But he believes that the richest nature has long given us everything for us to be healthy. Today he will share his secrets for the removal of edema, meet the sculptor, Oleg Toropygin.
Oleg Arkadevich, problems with edema - Have you ever known this problem?

- Well, it seems to me that many have come across this. But, many things depend on our internal state. And in this regard, to relieve the internal tension - it helps a lot like sculpting. What I suggest we now try all together. Take clay in hand. Try to just close your eyes, roll a little and mash the clay.

Enjoy. Pleasant lesson?

Nadezhda Galkina:
- my right hand does not work at all.

GM: We'll do this with a clay cake,with a cake, what will be thicker, the better - and on a sore spot once, and attached. About an hour or two, they were wrapped up with a warm cloth on top. As soon as it heats up - this indicates that the clay has stretched and the pathogen beginning, and the disease itself can stretch, ... we change to another - a new cake.

I want to invite to our conversation a three-time world champion in arm-wrestling. Meet, Natalia Truskalova.
Natalia, are glad that you are in such a wonderful position. Very many future mothers are swelling with edema. Does this not happen to you?

- Well, let's say this to me, Thank God, notit happens because I try to warn it all. The first thing I want to say is that everything depends on food. Less salt, especially at night no water, no salt. Because salt blocks our cells, and delays the water in them. Do not drink at all for the night, but during the day, as I believe, you need to drink more, because the water dilutes the blood, metabolic processes occur more, and all bad things come out of us.

What kind of exercises will you share with us?

- there was already such an exercise when you went to bedon the back, and shook up the legs and handles. In the people it "Cockroach" is called. What else can I advise, supplement. You can put a roller under the basin, made for example from a towel.

GM: Valentina Panteleyevna, will you do with us?

- for this Valentina Panteleevna came, let her do it.

GM: So, what do we do?

- Lie on your back, put a roller under the basin, anddoing the exercise "bike". Further, after this, if there is a time before going to sleep, it is desirable ... raised their legs, preferably near the wall, lean on and lie down for at least 10 minutes until a tingling and numbness appears. This is very useful. So it is necessary to do every day.

Thank you very much, I think there will not be edema after such exercises.

Our next hero began to swell after the injury. But he found a recipe that helped him, and he is ready to share it with us. So, meet, actor, stuntman, Vladimir Badov. Vladimir, tell me ... everyone already knows that work as a stuntman is injury, it's a problem. Was your injury also during work?

- Yes, it was a long time ago. It was when you know another "nail in one place," ... when young still, do not understand how to do it, but the energy you are eating. And, of course, yes there from the roof, that there not to fall, do not tumbling.

The desire was more than understanding.

- the desire was more than brains. And that's why such a banal story happened. This is somewhere in the 80-th year, the picture "Squadron of the Hussars of the Flying."

- thank you, ... the main role played Rostotsky Andryusha,and here we have a rehearsal. It's probably somewhere in the middle of the picture. Where, if you remember, the main character Denis Davydov gets to the French in this village, and they sort of recognize him. And they have a fencing scene there, and it ends on the roof. And, probably, for three days we rehearsed this scene. Finally, well, like everything was rehearsed, everyone is healthy. Means what. tomorrow we shoot? We shoot. Well, compassionate directors, artists, looking at the roof, and it was already a deep autumn, and, of course, we stamped the whole roof with our boots. Well, how is it, tomorrow shooting, and the whole roof in our tracks. Well, they climbed up, and wiped it with damp rags. And at night the frost is light. Well, who knew ... we woke up in the morning, make-up, dressed, sharpened our sword. Well, shall we rehearse? Well, rehearse, Stanislav Georgievich, let's go ahead. And we both ran along this roof, and like peas. There, of course, there was protection at the bottom, pillows. BUT, when you run along the ice roof ...

What kind of injury did you get, tell me, please?

- and I, as it were, unexpectedly tumbled, and fell with my backstraight on logs. There logs were, or rather not even logs, and the cones - a log to which they bind. Yes, I hit, ... like nothing, everything is fine. Well, I say, let's go further. And somehow another half a day we filmed. And then in the evening they took off their make-up, began to undress, change clothes. I started taking off my boots so, I bent down and everything, neither there, nor here. And somehow breath squeezed. And I: "Guys, I can not do anything." And there you can see the displacement was.

- Something like that, and I'm just stuck.

Because of this edema started, yes, because of the bias?

- due to the fact that he stopped moving.

I know that someone told you a wonderful recipe. Maybe you can tell us what kind of recipe it is.

- Recipe:
Dry mix: melon, calendula, clover and wild strawberry berries. All this in a dry form is mixed. For 2 tablespoons of this mixture 2 cups of boiling water. 10 minutes water bath, then still have to brew for at least an hour in a warm place. Then strain, divide into 3 parts, and use each part before eating. It is desirable that this process lasts for 2 weeks.

Tell me, I know that you also have some exercises that helped. Tell them about them?

- the main thing is that you have your back all the time in motion. As soon as we sat down, so immediately edema and grabbed you. Ideally, of course not give rest to your back.

And if it hurts. That's how our heroine says: "It hurts me."

through pain. Believe me, we have more heavily traumatized stuntmen, and if they lay and did not move - they would never have risen.

Yes, I know these situations. That is, you can not feel sorry for yourself here.

- never. The more you feel sorry for yourself, the less you live.

GM: Let's do the exercise.

- Well, elementary.
1) Let's say we sit in this position: we sit down on one knee, and on exhalation we turn as far as possible the body in the side (towards the inclined leg).