Edema of the legs with cirrhosis treatment

Cirrhosis (Greek. kirrós - yellow, orange) is called deformation of the organ and its scar scarring for various reasons. Cirrhosis of the liver is a chronic progressive disease in which the parenchymal tissue is affected. Her cells die and are replaced by a fibrous connective tissue with the formation of nodes. The organ acquires a yellowish hue, becomes rough, hummocky and very dense, varies in size and loses its ability to perform its functions.

The main causes of cirrhosis arealcohol abuse (from 60 g / day for men, from 20 g / day for women, for 10 to 15 years) and chronic viral hepatitis (B, C, D, G). In addition, the disease sometimes develops due to medicinal or chemical intoxications, heart failure or diseases of the biliary tract. Often, the cause can not be determined, in this case the disease is called cryptogenic.

In men, cirrhosis of the liver occurs 3 times more often,than in women. It develops at any age, although it is usually diagnosed in patients after 40 years of age. Annually in the world of this disease, about 300 thousand people die.

In many cases in the initial period, which can last for several years, cirrhosis does not manifest itself by anything. In the future, the patient exhibits the following symptoms:
- jaundice;
- increased fatigue;
- general weakness;
- lack of appetite;
- bruises and bruises;
- itchy skin.

In some cases, weight loss, discomfort and pain in the abdomen, impairment of behavior and consciousness, darkening of the urine, swelling, bleeding and increased infections are noted.

Complications of cirrhosis
1. Swelling of the legs, and in later stages - of the abdominal part. Occurs because of excess water and salt.
2. Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum). It develops as a result of ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity), which presents good conditions for the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms.
3. Internal bleeding around the liver and varicose veins in the stomach or esophagus. Appear due to the fact that scar cirrhosis disrupts normal blood flow and causes increased pressure in the portal vein. Life threatening.
4. Hepatic encephalopathy. It is brain damage (reversible) by toxic substances that are not destroyed by the diseased liver. It may end in a coma or in the death of a patient.
5. Hepatorenal syndrome. It is manifested in the fact that the kidneys lose their functionality and are gradually destroyed.
6. Liver cancer. Among cancer diseases, it ranks second in terms of the number of deaths.

Prevention of cirrhosis of the liver
- Do not abuse alcohol;
- get vaccinated against hepatitis B;
- promptly seek qualified help for suspected hepatitis C or fatty liver dystrophy;
- with cirrhosis for the purpose of preventing liver cancer, it is necessary to have an ultrasound scan once every six months for the early detection of malignant tumors.

Diet for cirrhosis of the liver
A. Recommendations.
The protein content should not exceed 100 g / day. In chronic hepatic encephalopathy - not more than 50 g / day, and proteins must be plant. By caloric content - up to 2500 kcal / day. Do not give the patient mineral water, saturated with sodium. It is desirable that the dishes look appetizing. All cook on water or steam, you can bake in the oven.
Allowed to use:
- low-fat sour cream, milk (1 glass a day),fresh or cooked at home, vegetables and fruits, boiled rice, meat (poultry, beef, rabbit) or fish, not more than 100 g. 1 egg per day (instead of 50 grams of meat);
- spices: orange peel, lemon juice, mayonnaise and ketchup (without salt), onion, garlic, parsley, cumin, sage, mustard, cloves, bay leaf, marjoram, low salt yeast extract.
B. Contraindications.
- categorically exclude alcohol in all forms and doses;
- food is prepared without salt (maximum amountsalt per day - from 6 to 8 g.); for the same reason, bread and butter are chosen to be salt-free; bread, in extreme cases, wheat or rye from peeled flour, not fresh;
- baking, cakes, biscuits, fried cakes, etc. are harmful, because at their manufacture used baking soda and baking powder;
- prohibited: olives, bacon, tongues, pickles, ham, mussels, oysters, salt meat, canned meat and fish, smoked herring, mayonnaise, sausage, canned sauces, ice cream, meat pate and fish, cheese (any), fatty sour cream;
- Do not eat fried or hard-boiled eggs; there should not be a duck on the table, goose, offal, smoked meat, meat broth, mushroom, fish.
B. Example menu:
Breakfast. Bessolovoy bread (60 g.) With the same butter, honey or marmalade. One egg. Sweet semolina porridge, you can with baked fruit. Coffee or tea, if desired - with milk.
Dinner. Potatoes with meat (60 g.) Or fish (90 g.), Salad from greens, fruit.
Snack. Bread with butter or jam. A tomato. Tea or coffee, you can with milk.
Dinner. Unsalted soup, meat or fish (by weight - as during lunch) with potatoes and a salad of greens. Sour cream. Grapefruit, fresh or baked fruit, or fruit juice. Coffee or tea with milk.

Treatment of cirrhosis of the liver with folk remedies
1. Mix in equal proportions: St. John's wort pitted (grass), tansy (flowers), yarrow (grass), chamomile (flowers), burdock big (roots), rosehip (fruits), sage medicinal (grass), elephant high (root) ), Highlander bird (grass), turn (grass). Pour boiling water (250 ml for 1 tablespoon), insist half an hour. To drink 3 r / dn, for half an hour before meal, on 70 - 100 ml.
2. Corn stigma chop, pour boiling water (250 ml for 1 tablespoon), infuse for 3 hours. Take before meals, 3 to 5 times a day, 3 tablespoons each.
3. Grind the horseradish leaves with roots, pour vodka (0.5 liters on 5-6 leaves), insist 7 days. Drink 1 tbsp each. before meals, 3 r / day.
4. Mix in equal parts: chicory (roots), horsetail field (grass), yarrow (grass), St. John's wort (grass). Pour boiling water (250 ml for 1 tablespoon), insist half an hour. Drink 15 minutes before meals, 2 times a day, 150 ml each.

Treatment of liver cirrhosis with Indian rice
Liver cells have a high ability toregeneration. Therefore, if you follow a diet and use the infusion of Indian rice, you can restore the functionality of the organ, especially in the early stages of the disease.

In order to heal cirrhosis of the liver, you should take a rice drink of 150 - 200 ml. 3 times a day, 15 minutes before meals. The duration of the course is determined by the results of the analyzes.

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