Edema of the foot after knee arthroplasty

Endoprosthetics of the knee joint - replacementdamaged joint on its artificial counterpart. This entire procedure is successful when the operation itself has gone without complications, and when the right period of rehabilitation has been ensured.

The entire rehabilitation period, carried out after arthroplasty of the knee joint, has several purposes:

  • learn to stand up by yourself;
  • it is safe for oneself to stand and sit;
  • normally walk.

Let's consider in more details features of the given period and we will familiarize with the basic rehabilitation actions.

Endoprosthetics: before and after

The first days after the operation

After the operation, if no complications they did not let you know about themselves, you can sit in bed. In doing so, you should rely on your hands. On the second day you are allowed to sit down so that your legs are lowered from the bed. Here there are some nuances: the operated leg should be gradually, slowly lead to a healthy leg.

Important: the legs must be bandaged with elastic bandage, the alternative is elastic stockings. This will serve as a way to prevent thrombosis of the veins of the legs.

Also on the second day after the operation is allowedget up. Since the body is still experiencing general weakness, then without support from outside it can not do. Perhaps the patient will experience mild dizziness at the same time. But you still need to try to get up: the sooner this happens, the sooner it will be possible to walk.

How to get up correctly? It is necessary to observe certain rules for this:

  • It is necessary to get up in the direction of a healthy, unoperated leg;
  • Before getting up, the operated leg should be pulled straight and forward;
  • it is important to make sure that the floor under your feet is not slippery;
  • You need to rely on a healthy leg and crutches.

It must also be borne in mind that the first attempt to get up must necessarily be done in the presence of a doctor or an exercise instructor.

The first days of walking, among other things, involve a number of features. So, with the operated leg in the beginning of rehabilitation it is possible only to touch a floor. Subsequently, you should gradually increase the load.

How long to walk? In general, everything is limited only to the state of the leg and overall well-being. It must be taken into account that the time of exercise therapy does not depend on the duration of walking. But you should be careful: excessive walking can provoke the development of swelling on the leg. If this happens, then you can make cold compresses that will reduce pain and quickly eliminate swelling.

Rehabilitation of the knee joint afterEndoprosthetics also involves performing physical exercises. To achieve the ultimate effect, exercise should be done at least twice a week.

The complex includes such exercises:

  • flexion and extension of the ankle. It starts with 5 repetitions, increasing their number gradually. So you can go to twenty repetitions;
  • the next exercise is the tension of the anterior thigh muscles. Keep these muscles in the tone you need about 2-5 seconds;
  • a similar exercise should be performed for the hamstrings of the hamstrings;
  • for 2-5 seconds you also need to strain the gluteus muscles;
  • the exercise of raising a straightened leg is useful. It is recommended to lift it at an angle of 45 degrees and in this position hold for about 3-5 seconds;
  • You should regularly bend and unbend the knee;
  • another useful exercise is to remove the straightened leg raised to the side (with the same 5-second hold);
  • finally, the raised and necessarily straightened leg should also be retracted.

As the period of rehabilitation passes, the levelexercise gradually increases. In addition, it is possible to supplement the complex of exercises with other physical activities. Excellent in this case, walking, cycling (but short), swimming, massage.

The key to successful rehabilitation is compliance with a number of important rules and restrictions.

So, it is important with all responsibility to approach those recommendations that come from the doctor.

The above exercises (within the LFK canbe defined and others) must be carried out regularly. On the degree of conscientiousness of the performance of physiotherapy exercises, the full-fledged work of the new joint directly depends.

It is also recommended to practice lung training,so that the blood is actively saturated with oxygen. This is especially important immediately after endoprosthetics, because oxygen provides faster tissue healing.

It should be borne in mind that certain painfulfeelings will accompany the rehabilitation period, but they should not interfere with daily physical activity. If necessary, the doctor can prescribe painkillers.

It is absolutely unacceptable during rehabilitation to engage in jumping, aerobics, jogging, tennis, skiing. You can not lift the weight (this rule, by the way, must always be taken into account after endoprosthetics).

In order to ensure the safety of the artificial joint, you should try to ensure that the knee is not twisted.

In conclusion, we note the most important: careful compliance with all rules during the rehabilitation period will significantly accelerate the recovery process. In addition, following the rules and prohibitions will prevent possible complications.

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