Edema of the brain in a newborn

Edema of the brain and its membranes is one of the manifestations of birth trauma. Edema can develop due to asphyxia.

Symptoms. A newborn baby is drowsy, weak, weakreacts to external stimuli, is inactive. The voice is weak, plaintive. Hypothermia. Sometimes the intensity of the fontanel is determined. Disturbances of respiration and cardiovascular system may occur. The child reluctantly and not enough sucks, thus quickly tires. Quite often, vomiting occurs. not associated with food intake and not accompanied by frequent stools without pathological impurities. With neurological examination, symptoms of irritation of the meninges are sometimes revealed.

Treatment. A complete peace is ensured with stricthorizontal position of the body. Warming the child (wrapping, warmers at the feet). If breathing is disturbed, oxygen therapy is indicated. The child is fed (up to 10 times a day) with small amounts of expressed breastmaternal or donor milk from a pipette or through a probe. Do not allow vigorous manipulations when caring for newborns (swaddling, toilet, etc.). When there are symptoms of increased intracranial pressure, a spinal puncture is indicated.

To reduce the degree of edema intravenously injected20% solution of dextrose or sucrose (10-15 ml) or 20% mannitol solution (1-1.5 g / kg) in isotonic sodium chloride solution, blood plasma (15-20 ml) or salt-free albumin (up to 20-25% ml). With cramps-25% solution of magnesium sulfate (0.2 ml / kg).

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