Edema of the foot after a dog bite

Dogs, whom we affectionately call friendspeople, sometimes they can be the most bitter enemies. Bites inflicted by dogs can be very dangerous to health. Many worry only about the fact that the body will remain a scar for life, but about other dangers do not even think about. A person who bites a person can be sick and bear the rabies virus, which quickly penetrates to the brain, destroying the nerve trunks and leading to death. In this case, the most dangerous are bites in the face, neck, head, hands. The disease will develop rapidly and will manifest itself by the tenth day after the bite. If the legs were bitten, the manifestation of the disease is possible only after two or three months. After a dog bite, such diseases as staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus, klebsiella, hemophilus, enterobacter, neisserias are possible.

To save a person, you need to know the basicmethods of providing assistance after a dog bite. Be sure to bite the site on the body to be washed not just water, but any solution with disinfectant properties. Washing should last at least five minutes. This will avoid the spread of infection throughout the body. Infection, which can manifest itself, will make itself felt purulent secretions, swelling of the bitten place, increased body temperature, reddening of the skin. This should be the reason for visiting a doctor.

Signs of development of rabies can bethe appearance of hallucinations, fever and severe, regular headaches. You might think that the usual flu is developing - the symptoms of these diseases are similar. Over time, there are convulsions, fear and aversion to water, disruption of gait, loss of strength. This, unfortunately, can indicate the presence of rabies virus in the body.

It can be a three percent hydrogen peroxide,as well as a solution of laundry soap. There is a special soap that has antibacterial properties. Then the wound should be treated with iodine, and better - with greenery. If the wound is too deep, iodine can damage tissues and cause burns. Do not also use alcohol or a tool - cologne for treatment. Such methods of care are important because an enormous amount of bacteria, microbes and microorganisms accumulate in the animal's mouth. And if nevertheless the dog does not get mad, other life-threatening complications are possible. After the bite of the dog, the wound should be covered with a special bactericidal plaster. As for the urgent stopping of bleeding, if it is not strong, then nothing to do is necessary, even with the blood from the wound, a part of the microbes will be washed. If the bleeding is too strong, then a tourniquet or a tight bandage is applied.

If a bitten dog can be examined forthe presence of a rabies virus, it can be said for sure whether she is sick. As a rule, after a bite, dogs simply run away. In this case, a shot against rabies will have to be done in any case. But today it is not such a terrible procedure, which was used many years ago. Forty injections in the abdomen are no longer relevant therapy against rabies. The course of injections today is six injections, which are injected into the area of ​​the trapezius muscle.

There are also popular methods of rendering assistancepeople bitten by a dog. You can put on the wound various antiseptic dressings, which are prepared at home. For example, it disinfects the wound of turmeric well, so it is mixed with honey and applied to a sore spot. Bites are also recommended to be washed with water with the addition of manganese, which is well disinfected. It is useful to treat a bite with tincture of Echinacea or ordinary water with salt. Often after the stings, walnut oil is used, the wound is treated from above, so that there is no drying of the skin, and it is taken one spoon three times during the day.

You can cook an infusion of immortelle. For its preparation, only the inflorescence is required. Infusion drink one spoon three to four times a day. Useful is a mixture made from walnuts. They are thoroughly crushed, mixed with salt and onions. A well mixed mixture is applied to the wound. Faster to heal it will help and powder asafoetida. If you sprinkle a place after a dog's bite, the tumor will decrease, and healing will occur faster.

An excellent disinfectant and healing folk remedy is nettle. It is sprinkled with ordinary salt, and then applied to the place of bites. This means well anesthetizes the bitten place.

Gadgets can be made from a mixture of garlic and honey. Of these products are prepared gruel, which is applied to the wound. Instead of garlic, you can use a chopped onion. Garlic is recommended in large doses to consume and inside. The daily dose should be at least four denticles. A good healing effect is possessed also by a gruel from leaves of fresh mendicant. They are crushed, applied to the wound.

Quickly heal the wound helps vitamin C, so you need to include in your diet products that contain it.

You need to go to a medical facilitybe sure, even if the dog is bitten home and vaccinated against all diseases. The person who bites it may not be vaccinated against tetanus, which is dangerous for health. Along with a shot against rabies, the patient is injected with tetanus antiserum. Postpone a visit to the clinic can not in any case, no matter how effective methods of providing assistance you did not use. Particular attention should be paid to children bitten by dogs. Their body can be defenseless against the strongest viruses. To parents this should become one more signal that it is impossible to make independent decisions on refusal of vaccinations to the child. The lack of vaccination against tetanus can cost lives, even if the dog does not get rabies.