How to relieve foot swelling

Swelling of the feet and ankles may occur due totoo high or too low a load, as well as for many other reasons. You should assess the severity of the problem and treat it at home only if it manifested itself in mild form. Read on and find out how to eliminate foot swelling with exercises, soaking, and lifting the feet above the level of the heart.

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Method one: medical treatment

Eliminate stretching or fracture of the foot. If you sprained your ankle, hit your foot, or something similar happened, you could be injured - do not load a sore leg. Go to the doctor.

Go to an appointment with the prenatal doctor if you are pregnant and you have swelling in combination with a headache, visual changes or nausea.

Determine what you have: swelling or dropsy? In the case of dropsy, when you press on the swollen skin, it remains squashed for a few seconds, and only then returns to its original state. This can be a sign of problems with the liver, kidneys, heart, or lymph.

Determine if you have taken medications that can cause swelling. In certain preparations, this is indicated as a side effect.
  • Contraceptive medications and hormone therapy can cause swelling of the feet. Consult your doctor before stopping taking medication.
  • Blood pressure problems and diabetic medications can also cause swelling.
  • Antidepressants can also cause swelling.
  • Non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen or aspirin, in some people cause foot swelling.

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Method two: treatment at home

Take magnesium supplements. If you experience stiffness or restlessness in the muscles, it is possible that you lack magnesium. Take no more than 350 mg daily, this can help.

Soak your feet or your whole body in English salt. Dissolve it in a warm bath and stay in it for as long as you can, giving minerals to reduce inflammation.

Buy pulling stockings. If you suspect that the cause is in poor circulation, then pulling stockings will ideally cope (this fits both men and women). Stockings prevent the accumulation of fluid in the limbs.

Try moderate yoga classes. Training postures in which you stretch your feetand ankles, can improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. Inversion exercises, in which the feet rise above the level of the heart, can also help.