What ointment removes the swelling of the legs

How to relieve pain and swelling after bruising

Bruises are tissue damage without compromising the integrity of the skin. In this case, the underlying tissues (subcutaneous tissue, muscles, small vessels) are crushed or torn.

At the time of receiving the injury, the victim experiencespain in the area of ​​the damaged part of the body. Then on the site of the bruise are swelling and bruising (bruise). If there is a significant damage to the underlying tissues, the function of the damaged part of the body may occur.

Treatment. In the first hours after injury to the damaged partbodies impose a bubble with ice or cold lotions. In the presence of a hematoma, puncture, suction and administration of antibiotics are usually done. For 2-3 days heat is applied (hot-water bottles, hot baths), light massage.

To relieve pain and swelling, ointment troxevasin, heparin, is usually used.

To remove bruises, suppuration, inflammation, you can apply balm "Rescuer".

Likewise, Mirralgin's balm has proved itself very well.

Its composition is characterized by a huge variety of herbs included in it, such as, for example, arnica, sage, licorice, yarrow, Japanese sophora, licorice, horse chestnut, etc.

In addition, it includes vegetable oils, incl. grape, cedar and essential oils - clary sage, clove, mint, cypress, nutmeg, eucalyptus, etc.

Thanks to a combination of ingredients, creamhas pronounced analgesic, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive actions, thus improving the elasticity of the vessels and reducing their permeability.

You should pay attention to the well-knownpainkillers, vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory properties of extracts of arnica, sage, licorice, yarrow. As a result of such an effective selection of ingredients - the reduction of pain and stiffness in the joints, the removal of muscle pains, the acceleration of resorption of hematomas and edema that result from injuries and bruises, dislocations, sprains.

Mirralgin has a relaxing effect on muscle tissue, which is very important when using it in manual therapy and acupuncture, and also in massage practice.

When used with other creams creates a prolonged effect.

When large joints are affected (arthritis, arthrosis), it is recommended to apply the cream on the area of ​​the affected joints, as well as on all parts of the spine and on the soles.

Particular attention should be paid to bruiseschildren, even the smallest, because often the consequences of bruises are one of the causes of serious illness in the future. The application of Mirralgin in these cases (applying it to the site of the injury) allows not only to quickly eliminate the edema and hematoma, but also to eliminate the consequences that may arise as a result of the injury.

20.09.2001 - Loseva Natalya

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