Swelling of the toes

Any trauma is always unpleasant, especially fora person active and working. From a cold you can drink tea, at a temperature - high-speed tablets. But what to do if the finger on the arm or leg is swollen and prevents living and working?

The finger is swollen, red, and very painful. Before taking any action, understand what the reason is. A tumor can occur:

  • after any injury - bruise, jamming, fracture, etc .;
  • when an infection is infected with an open wound, such as a cut or abrasion;
  • with internal inflammation of the joint;
  • due to the general edema;
  • with continuous monotonous movement - for example, pressing a key or lever.

In each of these cases it is necessary to use completely different methods of tumor elimination.

How to remove a tumor on the finger

Some tips for removing the tumor on the finger:

  • if the finger was injured, first of all, you need toexclude the possibility of a fracture. A broken finger swells very quickly, becomes hot, in the place where a bone is broken or cracked, a bruise is formed of a cyanotic color. It is either very painful, or impossible at all. In this case, it is best to see a doctor immediately. If this is not possible - attach a tire from the pencil, pen or ruler to the sore thumb. The main thing is that the length does not exceed the length of the finger. It is necessary to tighten the tight enough that the finger is completely immobilized. This will prevent the damaged bone from being displaced. The surgeon, when you get to him, will advise you to do an x-ray and, guided by a snapshot, will put an accurate diagnosis. Fracture of the finger usually does not require the application of gypsum, most often just a tight bandage, rest for a couple of weeks;
  • If the finger has a wound and it is swollen, it means thatshe got an infection, an abscess began - accumulation of pus. There will help any means of disinfection. Treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide, you can stick a finger in a solution of salt or soda - they are well drawn pus. Help the lotion from gruel cabbage leaf or grated potato. After removing pus, rinse the wound with a solution of furacilin, apply streptocid ointment and bandage. Continue to rinse, lubricate and bandage your finger until the swelling is gone. If the abrasion is shallow, but extensive and damp, it is better not to lubricate it with ointment, but sprinkle powder with streptocid;
  • if the joint is inflamed, the easiest wayremove the tumor - apply a bandage with Vishnevsky ointment. It has an unpleasant smell, but very good and quickly helps in such cases. It will also help lubricate with ointment "Troxevasin" or any other containing such an active substance as heparin. Our grandmothers treated swollen joints with lotions from the decoction of dandelions, calendula, chamomile. And also - honey cakes. Prepare them very simply. Mix fresh honey with flour in such proportions that the dough will turn out. Make small cakes from it, attach them to a sore spot, top the bandage with cotton cloth. Make the procedure better at night, for 2-3 weeks. The tumor must go away. But do not forget that the cause of inflammation of the joints lies in some internal disease - gout, allergies, beriberi.

If the finger is swollen due to overexertion

There are no wounds, a fracture too, swelling is excluded, butThe finger is still swollen? Give him peace. Attach the ice to the finger, lift it upward to ensure the outflow of blood. Cold compress can be kept no more than 20 minutes, so as not to disturb blood circulation and not to freeze the skin. And do not forget to do daily prophylactic gymnastics if your work is related to typing on the keyboard or other monotonous and repetitive finger movements.