Swelling of the legs after running

Existing methodological guidelines thatpractice running, and most often they are dedicated to the technique of running. But what needs to be done after the run, a little where described, this is paid very little attention. It is very rarely described why the feet hurt after running, how to get rid of it. But this problem is rather widespread and it should be considered in more detail.

The causes of pain in the legs after running are different. If after the run hamstrings, buttocks, calf muscles or feet hurt, then, probably, it is necessary to reconsider the technique of running.

Some beginners do not know howto run properly, they make periods of rest or stop abruptly. Running with stops is impossible, this is extremely wrong. If there is fatigue, after running you can not just sit down and, especially, go to bed, otherwise the legs will necessarily hurt.

Another cause of pain in the legs may belack of warm-up exercises. Stretch surely before running, to avoid after loads of unpleasant sensations. Stretched muscles, previously stimulated, acquire the ability to contract.

Also, muscles can ache if wrongcool them. Cold shower after running is contraindicated. During physical exertion, lactic acid is formed in the muscles, it is better to excrete it with a reasonable thermal effect.

Let's say a person is seriously running around for an hour inday, but does not stretch after running. In a month, the muscles of the legs will acquire rounded protrusions. It's not muscle growth, it's their edema, because they left a lot of unrecovered lactic acid. At a touch such muscles hurt, and it looks not aesthetically.

If the pain in the legs after running comes systematically, then it is worth taking a warm bath or spending some time on the bike after jogging. You can also take a leisurely stroll.

If the muscles of the legs are very painful after running, thenthe reason can be banal - the unreadiness of the legs and the entire body to physical stress. Get ready, in the first time after the load of the legs will still be sick. Avoid this can only be after a long period.

How to get rid of muscle pain

Many people need advice on what to do in this situation. In addition to the above tips, in the fight against pain will help massage. It is done on the site where there is pain. Most often these are calves and feet. When using a massage, use a regular cream or gel to relieve fatigue.

To strengthen the muscles and protect them from pain, you needto consume calcium and potassium. When making the menu, include in it dried apricots, cottage cheese, bananas, fish. In this case, the legs can also ache from dehydration, just after running, you should drink 200 ml of water.

Uncomfortable shoes are another reason for pain in the legs. Do not run in sneakers or sneakers on a flat sole. But if there is a flatfoot, then you will not be able to get rid of the problem.

After jogging, you can drink an aspirin tablet, hedilutes the blood, contributing to the rapid excretion of lactic acid from the muscles. Also, the pain removes the non-intensive physical load, it is needed to warm up the muscles.

If the problem does not pass, then the approach to this sporting event should be radically revised. There are many reasons for the pain, but there are enough ways to solve this problem.

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