Swelling of the legs in the dog

Pet breed: Italian small levrtca (The Dog) | Sex of the pet: Female | | Pet Age: 5 | | Russia | | Moscow

Hello. A huge request, help to help the dog. The dog is not mine. she had spent several years in the dark basement, closed. In the sun did not really go out. Cold. wet. The dog has swollen joints on the front paws. One paw, due to an increase in the joint, turns into the inside. On this paw, she can not even stand up. madly sorry for her. but I do not know how to help. The owner does not give her to the veteran. I myself want to cure her, help. Advise. Thankful in advance for any advice.

Good afternoon. I also have a Doberman and also 6 months, the third day the same problem with paws as you have in the photo, it is difficult for him to walk and if to touch, it hurts. I see that here you did not answer I hope you found the answer to your problem and your dog is doing well! tell me please what can be, or else I can not find a place for myself, very worried. thanks in advance

Kind) We were told to drink chondroprotectors
By the type of Kanvit
We are still drinking Helabon plus (he with collagen) also needs it. Then we'll drink glucoestrone, he's the chondropoter.
As we explained, these problems with the pasterns, fail, because of rapid weight gain, or because of a lack of vitamins. I wish you to recover soon) do not worry)

Many thanks for the answer, tomorrow I'll be at the vet and ask. but how do you determine the problem, through X-rays or blood tests?

There is no temperature, no pain when walking, we did not have. The same fun-loving child, to be honest, I do not notice the visible effect right now, but it's become better. At us by the way rottweiler)
With such symptoms it is best, urgently to the doctor, you never know what. Especially if you do not have any appetite, this is already a bad moment, then sign off how it went. We will wait for the message

I then thought that you have a rottweiler, paws fordobera short;) after your answer yesterday, reread many forums and there was a suspicion of arthrosis, all the symptoms. made for the night cabbage compresses on the paws and in the morning the tumor was asleep, and became more mobile. went to a veterinarian, he did not do an x-ray; under anesthesia and he does not want to just make an anesthetic puppy. prescribed antibiotics "CEfovit forte 500mg caps" for 7 days, but said after 3 days to come for testing.