Swelling of the legs after a heart attack

After a heart attack, there was swelling, what should I do?

Good afternoon. I am 44 years old. The diagnosis: ischemic heart disease. Subendocardinal antero-lateral myocardial infarction L.ZH from 01.02.12. Arterial hypertension 2st risk3 CHF1 FK2. Hyperlipidemia. I accept: Concor, Egitromb, Kardiask, Prestarium. I feel good, but somewhere in late March, my legs began to swell, the feet are the strongest. Tell me, please, what to do. No pain, but very uncomfortable. Thank you very much in advance.

The presence of edema on the legs, fatigue, discomfort -manifestations of heart failure. The transferred subendocardial myocardial infarction requires mandatory additional examination. I recommend that you perform echocardiography, besides this, coronary angiography is necessary to determine the tactics of further treatment.