Edema of the nasolabial triangle

Female 22 years old.
Russia, Voronezh

Good morning! Please help, I do not know what to do. Six months ago, on the threshold of the nose, a boil erupted (as the doctor told me later), everything around him was swollen, between the nose and the upper lip-edema. The temperature lasted several days + 37.2-37.5. I was prescribed amoxicillin, an anti-edematous and anesthetic. Well, and put ichtilku and ointment Vishnevsky. After three days, everything seems to have passed, and two months later the same place is the same. I went to the doctor (ENT), prescribed the same thing and physioprocedures (UFO, UHF and ultrasound-3 weeks did). Like everything disappeared. After a month, the same thing (first a pain in this place, then reddening, swelling and as a result of a fierce pellet). There was not a faint once, just a red inflamed pellet. But after the third relapse in the area of ​​the entire nasolabial triangle of sali, such balls appear with a periodicity of about a week. I changed the doctor, he sent for tests (total, sugar, bak.posev from the nose and sterility of the blood). In the general analysis of ESR = 30, the rest including leukocytes is normal, sugar is 4.7-5 in the mornings, the analysis for sterility is good, nothing was found, and in the tank. From the nose, a massive obfuscation of staphylococcus coagulase (-), in which quantity or amount is not written. From treatment have written out only ointment Bactroban which helps or assists in three days, and then all again. The reason and how to actually cure no one calls! Help, I already have no strength!