Foot edema massage

How to relieve leg swelling

Ways to combat leg swelling are very many - fromtraditional medicine (for example, natural diuretics) and medications to such simple measures as rest, cold compresses or soothing foot baths. Of course, when choosing the way to remove puffiness, you need to consider the cause that caused swelling - if swelling of the legs were the result of any diseases, then conventional methods are unlikely to help get rid of swelling for a long time.

Since most often swelling of the legs is a direct consequencefluid retention in the body (and, in particular, in the soft tissues of the lower extremities), one of the most common ways to combat swelling are diuretics, diuretics that help remove excess fluid from the body. For the removal of edema can be used as medicines with a diuretic effect, and traditional medicine.

In most cases, "folk" remedies are preferable - there are fewer side effects and contraindications, and the effectiveness is the same.

Good help with swelling of the feet broths of leaves and buds of birch, bearberry leaves. Bearberry: an indispensable assistant for cystitis (bear's eye), horsetail, parsley, juicescranberries and cowberries. Take diuretics to relieve swelling with caution in diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, as well as in pregnancy - some diuretics, even of plant origin, in such cases are contraindicated.

Other ways to relieve leg swelling

  • Contrast foot baths Foot baths: for relaxation and health - an excellent tool not only to quickly remove the swelling, but also to alleviate fatigue, get rid of the unpleasant feeling of "aching" pain in the legs, which occurs in the evening along with swelling. Especially effective such baths are in those cases when most of the day you are forced to spend on your feet.
  • Massage - the beneficial properties of massage are known withimmemorial times: soft massaging, rubbing movements help normalize blood circulation, stimulate the outflow of blood and fluid from the tissues, thereby relieving swelling.
  • Rest in a horizontal position is the first thing thatadvise doctors when there is swelling of the extremities. Swelling of the legs quickly pass, if, taking a horizontal position, stretch the legs and lift them slightly above the body.
  • Special medical stockings or tights Tights: an accessory in a women's wardrobe - these products can be found in almost every pharmacy, they are suitable not only for the removal of edema, but also for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins.
  • Cold compresses - this way to remove swelling of the legsis not only suitable for cases when edema is caused by prolonged standing in the vertical position, but also for those situations where swelling is the result of any inflammatory processes in the tissues. The effect of cold quickly removes the tumor.

To ensure that the swelling of the legs does not turn intoa constant problem, it is necessary to make certain changes in the diet. The most important of these changes is the refusal to consume salt or reduce the amount of salt in the diet to a minimum. A salt-free diet with puffiness is always useful, and in some cases even necessary (for example, when edema of the legs is a consequence of kidney disease or heart failure - in such cases, doctors even recommend salt refusal).

Another way to get rid of leg swelling for a long time - drink more fluid.

This is especially important if for the removal of edemadiuretics are used - diuretics stimulate not only the removal of excess fluid from the body, but also the simultaneous loss of the necessary salts and electrolytes. And the adequate amount of fluid consumed compensates for this loss and prevents the risk of dehydration. However, the increase in the number of daily fluids is important not only with the constant intake of diuretics - in fact, this measure, by and large, allows you to abandon diuretics in general. Drugs with a diuretic effect can be replaced with cranberry juice - it not only perfectly quenches thirst, but also contributes to the outflow of fluid from the body. By the way, that's why cranberry juice is recommended for drinking with cystitis and other diseases of the urinary tract and bladder.