Kanefron with edema of the feet

Kanefron - not only from swelling! To me it or him have appointed or nominated in a complex with one preparation that more quickly it or him to deduce or remove from an organism, well and accordingly any toxins and so forth The preparation good, I accepted liquid. Went pregnant just in the heat of summer. I drank a lot and everything was fine.
Those. in addition to fighting edema in diuretic drugs, there are a bunch of other prescriptions.
A liquid in the body retains salt. So take her out of the diet, maybe you will not need diuretics.

I forgot to say, I still feel fine with swellinghelps the pool, more precisely, more or less active swimming, not just bullshit. Well, the steam room of course in between. A couple of days after this, the absence of strong edema is ensured, even with improper nutrition!
And also lying! For some reason, it's after a longer stay that I have less swelling: 009: However, once I read this advice of a mother with many children on another forum - to lie, though it is on the left side, at least half an hour a day in addition to a night's sleep.
And in the diet in my opinion not only and not evenso much salt is terrible (it is actually necessary for us now in normal doses, and even with unlimited consumption it showed sodium slightly below normal, so that the salinity of food does not mean anything!), but any "heaviness". It can be sweets, fatty and other nondietic food, and most importantly - a large number. So moderation and adherence to at least a small diet in the diet - a pledge of the lack of sausages instead of fingers and sticks instead of legs in the morning: ded. )

Nuuu, does not agree about food, or rather, thatthere must be less (of course, I do not call anyone to get hungry). I, in connection with some circumstances, are constantly on diet and a salt-free diet. I eat a little.
However, swelling is not small. Saw the Canephron. Now Wobenzym.

Yes, I did not doubt;) In addition, you are a special case, you always say, but I wrote about myself and about the majority (in general, the same advice is also given by doctors, I'm sure for sure, I just got convinced on my experience).