What to do with swelling of the legs with varicose veins

FYODOR Apprentice (230), on a vote 2 years ago

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cohort Enlightened (47535) 2 years ago

swelling of what-bone, muscle tissue, or cansome subcutaneous congestion? In any case, it is unlikely to get qualified help, the only advice, -change the medical institution, go to another doctor. And just in case hand over the analysis for sugar, for the exclusion of diabetes.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Sage (11978) 2 years ago

either the kidneys or the heart.

bruho Oracle (51170) 2 years ago

Edema develops. or from kidney failure. or cardiac. edema is in itself a sign of disease, a consequence.

Alexander Zhmurikov Guru (3155) 2 years ago

Stagnation of lymph is still, elephant limb. Change the doctor!

Alice Selezneva Artificial Intelligence (180114) 2 years ago

You probably have lymphostasis. This can be a sign of many diseases, even allergies to something. Maybe because of infection with an infection. I was allergic to the drug, lymphostasis developed within a few hours. The skin on the ankles was swollen, cracks appeared on it and the lymph flowed. An eerie feeling. But then it all passed. Ask to take blood for sugar and biochemistry, and visit the parasitologist for any reptiles in the body.

VHS Enlightened (39829) 2 years ago

HORROR. what kind of doctors we have, after their visits, the person turns to the public for help! but in words they speak themselves do not heal nobody listen to come only the doctor can cure, etc. DOCTORS (from the word lie-doctor) we have a lot, and doctors unfortunately is not enough.

Irina Petuhova Pupil (110) 2 years ago

I was diagnosed with pyelonephritis with such edemas.

kikker kikker Expert (297) 2 years ago

drink more water. Your body was frightened and began to stock up with water - hence the swelling. You should drink water at the rate of 30 ml per kg of your weight.
And yet, look for the color of urine - ideally, it should be transparent. Edema will go away quickly, it is worth reading Fereydoon Batmanghelidzh "You are not sick, you have a thirst." or "Your body asks for water"

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