Leeches with swelling of the feet

Answers to these questions will be devoted to this article, in which we will consider one of the modern methods of fooling the population, like treatment of varicose veins with leeches.

Many people suffering from varicose veins have a very vague idea of varicose veins and modern methods of its treatment. Basically guided by the opinion of already treated and operated neighbors at the entrance.

Taking advantage of the incompetence of our population in matters treatment of varicose veins and popular in the people's opinion that the blood for varicose veins "liquefied," piyavkoterapevty gladly offer such an opportunity: to make this "liquefaction" with the help of leeches.
However, they themselves do not always know and understand the essence of varicose veins and venous insufficiency and often confuse them with thrombophlebitis.

You can be told that varicose veins after applying leeches will dissolve, there will be swelling on the legs, etc.
In fact, the dilution of blood has nothing to do with treatment of varicose veins .
And no influence on varicose disease leeches do not have.

This is due to the fact that with varicose veinsfactors is the widening of the lumen of the venous vessel and, as a consequence, valve vein failure, a vicious discharge of venous blood into both superficial and deep venous systems.
And the dilution of the blood in any way does not affect the decrease in the lumen of the veins and the condition of the valves.

But what danger is hidden in itself treatment of veins by leeches - Experts on пиявкотерапии (knowingly or on ignorance) hold back.
Therefore, in danger of this method of "treatment" patients have to be convinced on their own experience.

Leech is a blood-sucking parasite living in a swamp.
Saliva leech contains not only manyallergenic substances that, in conditions of chronic venous congestion, stimulate local inflammatory-allergic reactions, but in the overwhelming majority of cases it contains a whole spectrum of bacteria (staphylococci, streptococci, diplococci, spirochete sticks, etc.). It is not difficult to imagine what "positive" effect they have on the limb, penetrating into the cellulose together with saliva.

I know this firsthand, because in my more than 15 years of practice I have seen many different kinds of complications and side effects of hirudotherapy, such as:

• allergic reactions
• Acute inflammation in the form of thrombophlebitis, phlebitis, thrombosis
• deep vein thrombosis and thrombophlebitis
• abscesses in the form of abscess and phlegmon of the lower leg
• erysipelas
• lymphadenitis
• the formation of trophic ulcers and other trophic disorders
• prolonged bleeding from wounds
• persistent pigmentation spots at bite sites

A positive effect, which sometimes occurs whenapplication of leeches, small in degree and unstable in duration. Achieved temporary deceptive well-being. Relapse develops quickly enough and in a much more pronounced degree.
The result of this, at best, is prolonged bleeding from the wounds and persistent pigment spots in the places of bites.
At worst, dermatitis and trophic ulcers, lymphostasis, phlebothrombosis, phlegmon and gangrene of the limb develop.

The popularity among the people, thanks to advertising, has received shaman products such as Cream "Sophia with leeches", but they also do not have any relation to the treatment of varicose and there is no sense in waiting for them from them.

As for hirudin, in modern pharmacology there are enough drugs that have a similar, but much more lasting effect, and at the same time are absolutely safe.

A treatment of varicose leeches - it's dense,stupid and simply dangerous for health event, which helps sellers of leeches and piyavkoterapevtam earn their bread at the expense of gullible citizens.

Therefore, think carefully, before entrusting your health to a specialist in the piyavochnik.

Even the wooden man Pinocchio guessed that Duramar with leeches is a charlatan. Are you worse?