Gymnastics with swelling of the feet

Every night do for the contrastshower, moisten with creams against edemas. Do the masses of legs-sit on the floor bend one leg and put a foot on the thigh of the other leg. Massage each finger, walk on the inside of the foot. Put the foot on the floor massage the upper part of the foot. Then rise higher to the ankle, press it with point movements. Shake the shin with the vibrating movements of the foot. Use your palm to grasp the lower leg and pull it from the top down, intercepting it with your hand, then the left one and the right one. Go to the knee joint continuing to massage it. Do not touch the sushi. Place the palms on the thigh, swing it from right to left.

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Generally. You need to do regular walks three times a day. On rough terrain. And with a moderate load. And even better - four. And no fanaticism. Rapid progress is not welcome. I'll have nightmares. But do not let them pooh.