What does the swollen legs look like?

What does the Legs dream about?

  • For a man a dream in which he admiresgraceful female legs, means that he risks losing his head because of a certain person and will look pretty stupid. If you dream of ugly legs, then you will have to deal with obviously unsuccessful deeds, and your friends will show their worst features. The injured legs are dreamed of losses and illnesses. If you dreamed that you have a wooden leg, then you will behave dishonestly towards your friends. If you dreamed that your legs are covered with ulcers, then in reality you risk being too generous. If you dream that you have three legs or even more, then this cautions you against illusions about the expected income. A dream in which you have been denied by your legs predicts poverty and deprivation. If you are amputated in a dream, then in life it can result in loss of friends and family troubles. For a young woman, a dream in which she admires her legs means she is overly conceited, that she will take a fan away from her. If a woman dreams that she has hairy legs, then in life she will be pushed around by her husband. See your legs slender and beautiful - to a successful future and loyal friends.

Islamic dream book ibn Sirin

  • Who will dream that he has one longer leganother, he will go on a long trip. Anyone who sees himself in a dream as lame, paralyzed or unable to move on his feet, may take this dream as a sign of infirmity or lack of support, to which he is entitled by relatives, whose symbol is his feet in interpreting dreams. It is said that one who sees himself as lame will strengthen his faith and deepen his religious knowledge. Lame in a dream also indicates that a person can not perform his work correctly and lives at the expense of small money. To whom a lame woman dreams, he realizes only a part of the business he has conceived. Also a woman, if she sees a lame man in a dream, then she does not fully realize her goal. The lame old man symbolizes insufficient efforts of the author of a dream or his friend, struck by the same ailment. If the sleeper sees himself walking on one leg, hiding another for it, then it will be known that he has covered half of his wealth, and at the expense of the other, he will carry out the building plans. (See also Feet)

What does the Legs dream about?

  • pain in the legs - your plans will not be fulfilled
  • lose or break your legs - lose a friend, trouble in the service

In a dream to see Feet

  • If in a dream a person has lame legs or is paralyzed - this presages the overthrow of his enemy.

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