Constantly swollen feet

Female 49 years old.
Ryazan Oblast

Good afternoon, dear experts! At me such problem: approximately 5 years ago the left leg or foot has strongly begun to swell, and last 2 years the swelling practically does not fall down and delivers inconvenience prhodbe. I am disabled since childhood, suffered surgery on the spine due to the displacement of the vertebrae (stopped the growth of the spine), then the skewed skewer was 9cm. On this leg I suffered 4 operations: lengthening the leg (went with the Ilizarov apparatus), dissection of the Achilles tendon, there was an operation on the thigh, also touched the nerve near the little finger during the operation, because of what the little finger does not move.
Somewhere 5 years ago the leg began to swell, firstthe swelling did not drop much and quickly, then everything lasted longer and longer and now it practically does not decrease, it only decreases for a while. I want to note that this all started with the onset of premenopause, and when the menstrual period was, the edema disappeared or decreased significantly, now there are no monthly periods and the swelling does not fall off.
Visited different doctors, but no one really understoodnothing can. The vascular surgeon looked at the doppler and said that he did not see any serious changes and he prescribed me Detralex vascular therapy for 2 months 4 times a year, also Trental, Antistax + compression knitwear. The therapist also does not understand anything and appoints Trental + physiotherapy. Similarly, a gynecologist. The effect of treatment is no. It's getting harder and harder for me to walk, pain attached to walking, but it's due to arthrosis in the ankle, as the picture showed. Edema is the entire foot and ankle, swelling is strong, it decreases only when I hold my foot for a long time. Although I am disabled, I have to work, because. on my shoulders daughter, but now I'm thinking about leaving work because of this leg. These medications are not cheap, you know, I work only for them, but there's no sense. Can you please tell me what to do? Go expensive examinations or go somewhere in Moscow, I do not allow money and buy expensive ineffective drugs. Can something need to be changed in treatment or to undergo some really necessary examination? I'm desperate for this problem.